Spoiled Milk Takes on Daddy Issues and Being Broke: Chicago Fire, Pretty Little Liars and 2 Broke Girls

Warning: Spoilers Ahead If you don’t wanna know, turn back now.

Alison’s the New Face of Misunderstood on Pretty Little Liars

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Alison goes angel?

Alison goes angel?

The Pretty Little Liars faithful know Alison is a bitch, plain and simple. She may have loved Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, but she loved to torture them more. It’s always a little shocking that they aren’t sending the A-team a text, bowing out of the entire thing.

This season, PLL is focusing on why the Liars can’t let Alison’s go; what made her worthy of their friendship and why they’re willing to risk their lives to find her killer.

I already don’t like the whitewashing of Alison. Yes, a mean girl isn’t born mean, the world had part in making her that way, but c’mon. This is the girl who tortured the friends who worshiped her, picked on the weaker kids at school and blackmailed several adults.

Let’s keep Ally who she is – a mean girl. Does that mean she deserved to die? No. Her friends can still love her and want to see her killer brought to justice, but enough of the white washing her history.

On the Ezra and Aria front, when are they breaking up? Teenage relationships should not last thing long…lets move her onto someone else. Anyone else! I’m hopeful that when he finds out that Aria knew he was a daddy and kept it from him, it will end things fast. It seems like Ezra to blame his teenage girlfriend for keeping the secret instead of the adult baby mama, right? Now that Aria’s making put with her own dad, her daddy issues can be put to rest?

Like A Good Neighbor Two Broke Girls Are There

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When you’re broke, everything feels shitty until your bank account starts growing. Over on Two Broke Girls, cupcake dreams are starting to come true…does that mean life is starting to look up?

Only if this was a  Friend’s rerun. Despite cupcake growth, the girls are going to get a little poorer. Why? Well, the new American Dream is about easy payouts; reality TV or lawsuits. The latter will come knocking on the door of the cupcake shop. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching Max and Caroline play detective to try to get out of it. Wacky hijinx at it’s best when they get their whole crew involved, I’m sure.

Chicago Fire Has Daddy Issues

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Stories intertwine over on Chicago Fire. After hints about Peter Mills’ father, we’re finally going to learn more about the guy who set Mills on the path to the firehouse, through some interesting sources.

Does the Chief know more about Peter's dad than he does?

Does the Chief know more about Peter’s dad than he does?

Not only did Papa Mills serve with Chief Boden, but also Daddy Severide. Though he died a hero, no one is ever as wonderful as the stories they leave behind. I wonder what Papa Mills got up to? Is it something our sweet, young rookie can be proud of? Or will there be something to Mills’ mama wanting Peter out of the fire house?

With Casey on the fast track to beating Peter out for the love of medic Gabriella Dawson, Peter needs another story to make his own. Tying his father to Severide’s dad also gives Kelly and Peter a reason to bond. Or maybe set up some animosity if Kelly goes for Peter’s sister. Either way, Kelly needs some guy friends on the squad.

Oh and let me say, I’ve never been so glad to be wrong! Otis surviving Chicago Fire this week made me very happy and it gave the Chief a moment to stretch his dramatic muscles and for us to see his home life.  How much do we already hate his ex-wife, who has been keeping his son away from him? What’s up with that lady?

One thing is for sure, Chicago Fire is working its way deep into my heart.

Well, Spoiled Milk fans, what are you thinking? Is Chicago Fire must see TV for you yet? Glad Peter Mills is taking center stage? Hoping for him to BFF Kelly or do you want to see Kelly hook up with his sister? Do you think Max and Caroline will be able to afford a lawyer to fight their lawsuit or are we up for some zany detective work? Are you still rooting for Aria and Ezra on PLL or are you ready for her to move on? Is Alison’s new misunderstood status working for you? Let me know what you think in comments or over at the forum!

  1. After only one episode, Chicago Fire did become one of those must see TV programs. I am not certain how the writers are going to play out the Max and Caroline needing a lawyer. I do hope they will write in for them to have the money for a lawyer. Of course, a little more detective work for the two might be interesting also.

  2. I do enjoy watching Two broke Girls. I think Kat dennings is beautiful and funny as well. I think this show will replace my watching of Two and a Half Men.

  3. “This season, PLL is focusing on why the Liars can’t let Alison’s go; what made her worthy of their friendship and why they’re willing to risk their lives to find her killer.”

    I think that they keep digging because they think that if they figure out the killer, then they’ll also figure out who A is. I think it’s more self-focused now in the sense of “they want their own problems to be solved,” which requires them to find out who is behind it all.