Spoiled Milk Talks Arrow, Bones, Chicago Fire, Gossip Girl and Once Upon A Time

Reminder Spoilers ahead.  Turn back if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Chicago Fire’s Kelly Gets a New Love Interest But Is It Smoking Hot?

[Source:  TVLine]

He’s hot all on his own, but will his new love interest have any heat?

I haven’t talked much about Chicago Fire, but I will open with it stars Taylor Kinney (of Lady Gaga’s boyfriend fame and formerly Uncle Mason on Vampire Diaries) and Jesse Spencer (formerly Dr. Chase from House).  The shows  not quite as hot as these two guys, but those guys are really hot.  It’s hard to start a fire with flames that intense.  I have hope.

Kelly (Taylor Kinney), the troubled, slightly drug addicted fire fighter with heart, has had a casual fling but no real romance in the past few episodes.  That’s all about to change with the hiring of Sarah Shahi (star of USA’s Fairly Legal).  She’s stunning and I’m sure she and Kinney will do hot and steamy justice, but I’m not overly excited about this casting.  Just watching the previews for Fairly Legal turned me off as Shahi’s character was shrill and annoying in a blast of a 30 second ad.  Here’s hoping it was just her character and that she brings some heat to Chicago Fire.

What Will Dig Do Now That He Knows The Truth about Ollie on Arrow?

[Source:  EW] Was I the only one completely taken off guard by the fact that Dig, Oliver’s two step behind bodyguard, would be the first to know Ollie’s secret?  What does this mean for this relationship?   Since Dig is a former military man, I have a feeling he will approve of Oliver’s desire to protect those who can’t protect themselves, but probably not his methods.  Still, it will be great to have Oliver have someone he can go to talk.  However, I worry for Dig.  First one to know, but once Laurel, Thea and Tommy are in on the secret (and you know they will be by the end of the season), will he also be Arrow’s first main character casualty?  I hope not.  Dig has a confidence and maturity that evens out the Queen reckless streak.

Sweets Moves In On Bones

[Source:  EW]

Booth and Sweets will bring laughs.

Sweets is pretty much my favorite character on Bones, so let me get my bias out of the way, but I adore this storyline.  Booth is at his best when he’s got someone to mentor, boss around and be exasperated with and no one gives him more opportunities to do all three than Sweets.  Having them share living space will be hysterical, especially since Dr. Brennan’s new found maternal vibe will probably keep her firmly on Sweets’ side (what with him being parentless).

Gossip Girl’s Plane Crashes

[Source: TVLine] TV has a history of using big events to move a plot forward but on Gossip Girl those tend to be big events filled with designer party dresses and beautiful people.  In their last season, they’ve decided to join Lost and Grey’s Anatomy in the dramatic plane crash and is anyone excited about this?  A plane crash? Really?  I haven’t been overly thrilled with the spoilers coming out of GG lately, and if possible the episodes have made me feel worse, but this really pushes me over the edge.  Gossip Girl should have made the last ten episodes about what they do well (big events, pretty people, the NJBC), but instead we’ve been given…well, I don’t know exactly what this season has been to be truthful.  I thought I’d be dreading sending Blair, Serena & Co. to their off-screen lives, but at this point, I can’t wait to say good-bye.  No xoxo either.

Emma Gets Hooked On Once Upon A Time

[Sources:  E!Online]

This isn’t what I had in mind when I suggested Emma tie him up….

I was about as heartbroken as the Huntsman himself when Regina crushed his heart into dust to keep him away from Emma.  They had such chemistry and he was sooo hot!  How could their romance end before it even began?  But end it did, with no love insight for Emma.

Until now.   Captain Hook, sexy schemer that he is, has definitely noticed Emma.  While their chemistry isn’t quite as electrifying as the Emma/Huntsman pairing, I do see sparks here.  But will the reformed bad boy addict be able to overlook Captain Hook’s ways?  Emma has put Regina first, protecting her for the sake of Henry before, so Captain Hook’s partnership with Regina’s evil mother will probably get in the way sooner rather than later.  Still, here’s hoping we get some steamy scenes before it all blows up.

Tell me Spoiled Milk drinkers, how are you feeling about November Sweeps spoilers? Are you excited to see Bones and Booth get a new roommate?  Do you think Digs will be in peril, now that he knows Ollie’s secret?  Are you longing to say good-bye to Gossip Girl or do you think this plane crash could bring good things? Let me know in comments and as always, go over to the forums to discuss your favorite shows.

  1. I’ll be watching Bones to see if the Sweets move-in bumps my interest. I’ve been finding myself NOT waiting for commercials to take a potty break during Bones lately, but it sounds like this twist might make the character dynamics more interesting again.

  2. …A plane crash? Really? And here I thought GG would go back to how it was during its first three seasons. I wish this show would just end already! I can’t believe that though the creators were only given 10 episodes to wrap everything up, they’re still creating all sorts of messy plot lines!

    Oh, looks like I’m going to have to give Chicago Fire a shot. *Swoon*

  3. Chicago Fire definitely is something to watch. Not a whole lot of fire fighter shows like Rescue Me, on tv these days. It surely has some interesting characters as well which of course makes any series worth watching.

  4. I really like Emma and the Huntsman as well. Like you I was stunned when the character was killed off. They had such great chemistry, and there was such potential with his triangle with Emma and Regina. But I have to admit that the possibility of her and Hook does intrigue me. Hook is another Gray type character that this show seems to love. He has a bad side, but he also has a gentle side as well. This could be interesting if its actually explored.

  5. The picture with Taylor and no shirt … he just started a 3 alarm fire – WOW!! The show keeps getting better. Not there yet but getting there. I hope they get the chance to get there, I hate when a show is finally getting it’s groove and the network cancels.
    Sweets – my favorite geek from freaks & geeks. He can do no wrong.
    I hope the Captain Hook storyline gets hot. Emma deserves some fun. And we (the fans) deserve someone to fill the huntsman void. And Hook will do just fine.

    • I think NBC will keep Chicago Fire around. They don’t have anything that’s garnering much attention anyway. Give them time to build an audience.

      I’m looking forward to Capt. Hook. We all deserve to enjoy a bad boy every now and again!