Spoiled Milk Talks Arrow, Chicago Fire, The Following, Glee, HIMYM, Nashville and Vampire Diaries

Spoiled Milk Talks Arrow, Chicago Fire, The Following, Glee, HIMYM, Nashville and Vampire Diaries

Spoilers ahead! If you don’t wanna know, turn back now…

The Following’s Building Carroll’s Family Tree

Source: Eonline

Too sexy to be sane.

Too sexy to be sane.

How does one become a follower on the new (fingers crossed) hit crime drama show The Following? We’re about to find out. The next episode will give us a little more insight as to how our three followers – Denise, Will Wilson and Billy Thomas – came to be Carroll devotees.

Most people who are fascinated by this genre probably already have a few guesses. While most shows talk about lonely college students and abused young adults, I’m expecting more from Kevin Williamson.  Let’s get dark and dirty.  No way will it be as easy as typical lost soul in the big bad world. Will they be the big bad world, just taking refuge in the storm that is Joe Carroll.

The only think I know to expect is shock, fear and feelings of discomfort. The puppy killing security guard may look like the Easter Bunny compared to these three.

How I Met Your Mother – Let’s Go to The Mall … Forever

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We may fight about many things, here at Spoiled Milk, but pretty much everyone agrees we’re sick of waiting to meet the Mother and the phone-in scripts/performances (except for you Alyson Hannigan, who we love no matter what). Can we also agree that Robin Sparkles can do NO WRONG! Given 2013’s Robin, the smartest choice TPTB at HIMYM have made is throwing around more Sparkles.

Barney comes across another (I hope they never end) lost episode of Sparkles on the hit Canadian show “Underneath the Tunes” where we will be treated to a few jokes at our sister to the North’s expense and an abundance of Maple Syrupy loving stars – Alan Thicke, Jason Priestly, Alex Trebek and more. I was hoping more would be one of the Ryans; Gosling or Reynolds, I’m not picky. I bet they’re holding out till we meet the Mother.  Way to ruin yet another moment, show.

We are also treated to another non-mother girlfriend of Ted played by Abby Elliott. Yes, Elliott as in actor Chris Elliott’s (Lily’s father) real-life daughter. Abby was on SNL for a bit so I’m sure we’re in for some non-funny stalker stuff.  I’m bored and don’t need another waste of a character. I want the Ryans and I want the Mother. Or at least for you to be as cool as Cougar Town and get a Michelle Williams cameo!

Elijah Makes Two – The Originals Relieve A Bit Of Our Concern.


He knew we couldn't live without him....

He knew we couldn’t live without him….

Last week we discussed the pilot of the TVD spin-off on our favorite First Vampire Family – The Originals. Julie Plec let us know Klaus would be moving to New Orleans and now fan favorite big brother ) will be taking a stroll in the French Quarter as well! I for one am VERY happy. My biggest worry about the show is that it wont focus on the Originals, so the addition of Gillies is very good news.

We also hear that two new witches will be introduced. I like a good (or bad) witch as much as the next person, but witchcraft is the downfall of this crew. From Bonnie to the Secret Circle crew, fans just aren’t enamored with the Plec or Williamson witches. Plus, if there are so many witches wondering around why does TVD always rely solely on Bonnie the Worst Witch?

Look for Sophie to be the more experienced probably evil witch and Davina to be of Bennett descent (I have no idea if she’s a Bennett – she’s one of the white hats though, hero all the way). In New Orleans, everyone finds their inner Voodoo goddess sooner rather than later, so maybe that wont last long.

Torn Between Two Gleekers


I have never been a fan of the love triangle.  I blame the whole Brenda, Kelly and Dylan original 90210 zip coders for that. Also, I have never been a fan of geometry.

Anyway this Jake-Marley-Ryder triangle on Glee … could anyone care less than me? Maybe you? Especially since the show has been on and off so much this season I really haven’t been able to get attached to anyone. These newbie’s may be doing their best, I’m just not feeling any vibes either way.

The end is near according to Melissa Benoist; Marley does choose. She should pull a Kelly “I choose me!” Taylor and work on that whole eating disorder thing but I guess that’s more a college freshman story.  These kids still have to find prom dates, right?

Arrow’s Got More Mama Drama…

Source:Eonline Trust but Verify

While we have been waiting for more than 8 seasons to meet the mother on How I Met Your Mother, our friends at Arrow are much more generous. Arrow just cast Alex Kingston (Doctor Who and ER) to play Laurel’s mama, Dinah.

Mama Lance is back to make amends with her daughter and husband who she abandoned after Sarah’s death. I’m thinking this won’t be a Hallmark moment as Laurel and daddy can be well … very unforgiving. Odd considering Laurel’s defense of Tommy’s dad this week, yes? But I digress.

Fans of the comic will recognize that Mama Lance is the original Black Canary before the title is handed over to her daughter Laurel. So will this visit be less about saying sorry I dumped you guys and more about having a secret and needing Laurel to continue the family legacy. Or is it too soon for our little lawyer to get her own super powers?

Nashville’s AA Meeting – My Name is Jolene and I’ve Been Sober for 2 Months


There really isn’t much Nashville hasn’t thrown at us. Midway through season one, we’ve got paternity issues, cheating, suicide, Daddy issues, Momma issues, drug and alcohol problems…what else could they possibly have up their sleeves?  For starters, Juliette’s mom is getting a sober companion! I’m guessing he won’t be exactly as good as Coleman is for Deacon.

Jolene will get a little too cozy with Ozzy, trusting him with her daughter’s inner most secrets.  Oh boy.  Seriously Jolene? The guy shares a name with a hard-partying rockstar who bit the head off a bat. He’s gonna be trouble. Way to let a guy take advantage of you both twenty seconds into your relationship rehab.

Anyone else see Deacon flying in to save the day? Or maybe Avery will finally get a chance to prove his worthiness to Juliette? Personally, I’d like to see the football player back but I think that ship has sailed.

The Office – They Need to Just Let Us Know … Once More


The Office continues on its swan song which means marriage problems for our favorite office hook-up, Pam and Jim. The plus side, maybe we can relive the awesomeness that was the beginning of Jim and Pam. The writers are going to be weaving in past Pam and Jim moments that we loved and that’s a good thing.  Let’s face it, repeats are way more entertaining than the new stuff, so recycling till the end isn’t the worst idea they ever had (no Michael Scott for the last season is though).

When You Play with Fire You Will Get Burned on Chicago Fire


Chicago Fire - Season Pilot

Sometimes it takes a few episodes for a show to find its footing and I think Chicago Fire is stepping steadfast and confident these days.  Everything comes full circle on January 30th’s ‘Warm and Dead’ .

Remember the troubled teen, who kept showing up at fires and the Captain tried to take under his wing?  He’s going to get caught but what damage will he cause first? I hear that a death is coming. Otis, the fun loving firefighter who spends his downtime getting his fellow firefighters off the hook, is filling in around town at some of the slowest firehouses. Slowest as in slowest moving firefighters, not as in no danger.  I don’t want anyone in the Chicago Fire family to go, so I worry for Otis.

Kelly’s dad, played by Treat Williams, is also going ot finally show up (we’ve been hearing about this since what? November? Damn hiatus). Who wants to bet he calls Kelly out for being a coward, flying off to Spain to live with Royce instead of working to get back in firefighting shape.  I’m looking forward to that tough love speech!

Someone else needing a tough love speech? Probably Casey. Will he defend his mother for killing his father at her latest parole hearing or finally see his sister’s side?

That’s it for this week, guys. A-re you as relieved as me about Elijah? Or still holding out hope for Rebekah to show up? Is Laurel’s anger at her mom a little hypocritical given her speech to Tommy about his dad this week? Can The Following really have followers who are worse than the dog killing cop?  Let me know in comments or head over to the FORUM and let’s discuss!

  1. “Anyway this Jake-Marley-Ryder triangle on Glee … could anyone care less than me? ”

    Ha! So I was talking about this last episode on the forums and had several complaints about it that made me roll my eyes.

    I completely forgot about the whole ‘love triangle’ thing, though. It just doesn’t rank high on my list of things to remember, I guess. It’s just pointless fodder.

  2. I think I want to start watching the following. I do think Kevin Bacon is a good actor. It will be interesting seeing him on a tv series.

  3. I too am so so sick of all Teds girlfriends or non-girlfriends on How I met Your Mother! The show has been going on too long now and the plots just keep circling round and round round Ted and Robins on again off again, as well as Barney and Robin I love you, no i don’t, no I do, no I don’t…URG!

  4. I don’t think Laurel was defending Malcolm, she was trying to keep the peace. I don’t know how else she could have reacted in the dinner scenes

    Short of keeping her mouth shut anyways. Katie has to be given some line. It is bad enough she appeared in three scenes the whole episode

    Now, I haven’t read anywhere that Laurel is mad at her mother. We will see if she in when Dinah shows up

  5. I am so happy to hear that Elijah is going to be on the spin-off. After last night’s TVD I worry that the other two might not even be around to join the brother in NOLA. I agree about the witches … I think TPTB should give up on witches for their shows as they can’t write them.
    Chicago Fire has gotten so good. And I like that its eye candy fun (Kelly and Casey) but also good guys you just enjoy (Otis, Mouch and Herrman -aka Steve). And I think Kelly does get a good tough love talk, he is getting to be less bad boy and just stupid boy.
    I think a Michelle Williams cameo would be awesome on HIMYM – can Segal make it happen -he is no Busy 🙂
    I’m excited for The Following and I agree with you – those three are going to be scary and twisted. Let’s just hope Williamson can keep the show more Scream 1ish and less Scream 4.