Spoiled Milk Talks Deaths, Spin-offs and Babies on Chicago Fire

­­Deaths, Spin-offs and Babies on Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire

When Chicago Fire started last fall, I was in it for the eye candy, but this guilty pleasure has quickly become one of my favorite shows. Can it stay that way through back door pilot and babies?

Baby Makes Three

What do you do when the two characters on the show with the most chemistry are a womanizer and a lesbian who just happen to be BFF? Most shows do something really lame, like have Shay switch teams or go the bi-route. Chicago Fire decided to talk babies.

Yes, I know. Nothing kills a show faster than the addition of a baby, but hear me out on this one, okay? I really think it could be great.

Shay and Kelly are the healthiest relationship on Chicago Fire.

Shay and Kelly are the healthiest relationship on Chicago Fire.

Taylor Kinney’s chemistry has been undeniable with Lauren German, far stronger than any of the women who’ve paraded through Kelly’s bedroom. I love them together, but I like the fact that Shay is a smart, strong and beautiful woman who prefers women. It would be a disservice to the character to change that to facilitate a hot sex scene.

Most baby stories are boring because their sole purpose is to tie a romantic pairing together or get two characters together without earning it. If Shay and Kelly share a child, it will be about cementing them as a family and create loads of future storyline potential. Who on TV is co-parenting without the easy way out of falling into bed together when things get complicated? Is it easier to parent with someone you love, but aren’t in love with? What does that mean for your romantic future? Already balancing a stressful work situation, where do you put your additional energy?  Years of storyline potential here, you guys!

Or maybe I just want a reason to cement their relationship for the next time Kelly does something lame and a cute baby is really good cement.

No matter what, I’m all in and will be really disappointed if there’s no baby KelShay.

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Spin-Off Potential?

Back door pilots are generally the worst thing that can happen to a show. Yes, yes, I was uber excited for The Originals to take over Vampire Diaries, but that kinda of excitement is the exception, not the rule. Despite my love for Grey’s Anatomy, I held it against Private Practice when they infiltrated my season and replaced Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, George and Alex for a day back in 2007 and never tuned in. Gossip Girl’s prequel was doomed by their back door pilot.

Who wants to leave the firehouse?

Who wants to leave the firehouse?

I don’t have much hope for Chicago’s finest making their way to the small screen this way. Everything about the police force on Chicago Fire is awful. I like Dawson’s big brother Antonio well enough, but his storyline has been all over the place and I’m still not entirely sure that the internal affairs detective isn’t in over his head (or a drug addict).

Then there’s Detective Voight, the cop who harassed, threatened, almost framed and even tried to murder one of our favorite fire fighters, Lt. Casey. After a few months in jail, he suddenly has a change of heart and is a good guy? Somehow he becomes the boss of Antonio and all the other Internal Affairs cops, despite being in prison for a few months?


While I’m certain Voight will make up for his shady ways by figuring out who killed Hallie; can we move past it, can we root for Voight for save the day? Especially since Hallie was set on this path at the clinic in part by Voight’s stalking of Casey?

I think I’m just going to spend the episode wanting more of the guys at Firehouse 51.

What do you say, Spoiled Milk drinkers, are you looking forward to spending more time with the Chicago’s police force or do you just want more Firehouse 51? Do you want a KelShay baby? Tell us in comments and vote in the polls!

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