Spoiled Milk Talks Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Suburgatory and Supernatural

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Lonely Boy Fakes Out Our It Girl and the Cat Drags Back Jenny and Eric to Gossip Girl

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Making Blair and Chuck look stable since 2005



There are many things about Serena and Dan that don’t work.  The fact they could never stay together for more than four minutes, they’ve both slept with the other’s best friend and worst enemy, their parents were married and they share a blood related sibling, but the most compelling is quite frankly he’s a dick to her.  Still, okay, when I saw the “wedding” photo I was resigned. Fine.  They get together. Goody.

Now there’s talk of him playing her for his book? Are you kidding me? Of course, Serena would fall for it.

Thinks they’re too cool for GG, but like paychecks



She wants love, Dan’s in particular, more than anything but with such a limited amount of episodes, it will be impossible to do this story justice in any way that doesn’t make Serena look like an idiot who never learns or redeem Dan? With all this talk of weddings and fake outs, it’s been easy to overlook some great and not-so-great casting news.  With Declan polluting the Hamptons with his idiocy over on Revenge, his returning to Gossip Girl will be a much needed break.  And Eric is the voice of reason on this show so maybe he can fix this Serena/Dan mess?  I wish Jenny had come back a reformed Jenny, back to her season one, pre-Goth ways, but I guess we’re stuck with this mess.  Oh well.  The show seems insistent on going out awful, so good choice here I guess.

A Suburgatory Halloween Means Dallas Barbie Can’t Get Herself A Ken.

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Love Tessa and Co. Scoobie gang, but completely over George & Dallas date confusion.



Does anyone ever wonder how George actually managed to have Tessa? This guy has been on the dating scene for like 20 years and he still doesn’t understand when a woman is asking him out?  I’m rooting for Dallas and George, mainly because Tessa and Dalia will go insane, but come on.  Dallas is a beautiful, successful single woman.  I can’t believe she’d have trouble finding a date or be willing to wait around for George to buy a clue.  Tessa meeting the Chatswin witch, who isn’t what she appears to be, seems like a tired, played out story as well.  This is a fresh comedy and I hate to see it settle into stale material in season 2.  Loved the costumes though.

Revenge Swaps Partners…

[Source:  TVLine] Another day, another Hamptons event.  A vow renewal for Victoria and Conrad is sure to shake things up; I mean the groom leaves handcuffed.  But more interesting to me is all the couple flips.  Emily’s back dancing with Daniel, Ashley’s lingering around Aiden and Padma, Nolan’s date, ends up sharing secrets with Daniel?!?

Last year’s Daniel was worse than disliked, he was boring.  This year he has a backbone and swagger.  I’m interested, except when he’s with Emily.   Though the photos of them dancing are stunning, let’s pass on this pairing for now, ok? Maybe allies, but stay out of each other’s beds.

Both Emily and Ashley are keeping eyes on Daniel.



Speaking of swagger, Aiden’s got plenty of that and with his past romantic history with Emily, I’m guessing he’s not about Ashley.  Given that she won’t have had time to run his net worth against the Grayson’s, I’m thinking she’s not about him either.  But, if Ashley sticks around for Daniel, I see the two of them teaming up to keep Daniel and Emily apart.  That’s a plan I’m okay with.

The most interesting pairing is Padma getting in Daniel’s ear.  Does Nolan have a corporate spy in his midst? Why would Daniel be interested in Nolan’s company?  Daniel’s trying to prove himself a business man though, so I think Nolan has to keep an eye on these two.  That company not only protects him, but it’s David’s last successful business venture.  He knows better than anyone how protective Em is about her Dad’s memory.


Dean Takes a Personal Day…Or 10 Ways to Save a Vampire and Piss off Your Angel BFF

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Supernatural was a bit rough this week, huh?  I mean, Sam’s seriously looking at other options and Dean’s…gonna be left without his favorite place, driving down a highway with Sam on the way to kill a monster (demon, zombie, ghost, whatever – they’re a jack of all trades on the hunting).  So when I read that in the October 31st episode (which is not a Halloween episode from the sounds of it, no matter what the title may suggest)  Dean was going out on his own, I was tentatively happy?

Are Dean and Benny the new bros to root for?



The guy needs to untwin a bit. Granted for him, that means twinning with someone else.  So he’s off to save Benny.  Is it out of character for Dean to save a vampire? Sort of.  Dean’s a loyal guy and war bonds are hard to break.  It makes more sense to me that he’d be pro-vampire in this sense than say hooking up with a hot demon (which is more Sam’s thing).  Also, I think it’s important for us to see just how important Benny is to Dean before we delve into what happened with Cas in purgatory.  With their history, I can’t imagine Dean ever putting Benny over Cas, but maybe things changed?

Even if Benny had nothing to do with Castiel being left behind, it certainly sounds like the relationship hurt Cas a bit so I want to know more.   I’m fairly certain Sam won’t be pursuing his other options anytime soon, so I’m not worried about my Winchester brothers, but maybe there will be an alliance shift.  Cas/Sam vs. Dean/Benny?


Pretty Little Liars Celebrates Halloween by Making Toby Michael Myers…

Source:  [EW] Seriously Pretty Little Liars? Spencer kissed Ian and he ended up trying to toss her out of a church steeple.  Now she’s found love with Toby and he’s a member of the A Team.  And not a very subtle member of the A Team, either. Like everyone else, I was shocked that Toby was part of the hoodie crew.  From this clip though, Spencer should start asking some questions.

Not only has his attitude done a 180 (though, I admit, ordering Garrett out was kinda sexy), but even though she can’t see the menacing look on his face during their hug, he’s embrace has to feel a little cold.  You’re smarter than this Spencer!

Happy Halloween!



So my Spoiled Milk drinkers what are you guys looking forward to as we close out October  and move into November sweeps?  Which couple makes the least sense over on Revenge? Do you think Spencer will realize Toby’s not on her side? Will Garrett lead us to who killed Alison?  Is Sam going to flip out when he finds out about Benny or go with this as Dean’s “option”?  So many shows are doing Halloween episodes — Suburgatory, Modern Family, Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apt. 23, just to name a few.  Which show will have the best Halloween episode and more important who will have the best costume?

  1. In answer to your comment about Dallas on Suburgatory having a hard time finding a date, Dallas IS attractive and successful, but she’s also pushy and opinionated and a little bitchy.

    I can see how men might find Dallas a little scary, she would be the boss in the relationship, just like she runs the neighborhood.
    It would take a very strong and confident guy to match Dallas.
    She’s probably waiting for George because George stands up to her and he’s a smart, capable guy.

    • All true! I’m just tired of waiting! Let’s move this thing along and see if it sparkles, ya know?