Spoiled Milk Talks Love, Death, Marriage and Casting Scoops on Criminal Minds, Glee, Gossip Girl, Revenge and Suburgatory

Just a reminder, Spoiled Milk drinkers, everything from here on out is spoilerish.  If you don’t want to know, turn back now.

Glee Goes Wedding…Part II

[Source:  TVLine]

Are Brit and Sam tying the knot? Or just in costume?

Remember last year when Rachel and Finn were going to get married and saner heads prevailed?  I can’t imagine Glee is going to go down the high schoolers getting married road again, but this picture of Brittany and Sam seems to suggest otherwise.

While a marriage would be a horrible idea, I’m always down for a good wedding.  Whether it’s broken up soap style with Santana busting in at the last moment to declare her love to Brit. If it’s just a musical act and the two are in costume, Sam and Brittany are two of the best things Glee has going for it right now and it makes sense to use them anyway they can.

Just don’t completely break his heart, okay, Brittany? We know he’s way more into you than you’ll ever be into him.

Tessa Gets a Mom And a New Boyfriend For Sweeps on Suburgatory

[Source:  EW and TVLine]

I was excited when I heard that Malin Ackerman was playing Tessa’s mother on Suburgatory this season, but after seeing this clip, I’m whatever excited x10 is.   Not only does a ginger haired Ackerman favor Jane Levy’s Tessa, but she’s got her mannerisms down, and it’s as if we’re watching an older, more flighty version of Tessa herself.

As if this wasn’t good enough news for Suburgatory fans, things with Ryan will be heating up! Though it sounds like Ryan doesn’t really get it – what is with the men on this show?!?! George didn’t get Dallas’ thing for him either! – I’m happy to see that these two opposites are being drawn together.  Even if they fizzle, watching Lisa having to share her bestie with the brother her parents love more than her guarantees hilarity.

The New Normal Brings Back Brenda Walsh

Any show with Brenda Walsh, is a show you should be watching.

[Source:  Shannon Dougherty Twitter]

The two things I hear most about The New Normal is “Isn’t it just a Modern Family rip-off?” or “After Glee, I’m not getting invested in another Murphy project.”  Well, my friends, I promise, it’s not a Modern Family rip-off (I can’t promise anything about Murphy’s direction, sorry).

Yes, sometimes the show is too heavy handed with their lesson of the week, but honestly, for TV viewers of a certain age, it’s like coming home and turning on an After School Special (and I mean that in the nicest way possible).  So when I saw on twitter that Ryan Murphy cast Shannon Dougherty as … I have no idea. Who cares best New Normal news ever! Shannon Dougherty actually starred on After School Specials, and really, Brenda Walsh could get her preachy on, so no matter what she does, I’m sure this is going to be one of the funniest episodes of the year. Who knows maybe we’ll be lucky and she’ll give us a little Laverne.

I Guess Georgina Sparks Really Was A Sociopath…Criminal Minds Casts Michelle Trachtenberg

[Source:  EW] I’m still hung up on who Reid’s mystery girlfriend is and what she means for the team, so when I heard that Criminal Minds booked Michelle Trachtenberg; I wanted her to be the mystery woman for Reid.

Sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case, but it’s always fun watching Trachtenberg play devious and I’m still hopeful that this stalker thing will turn into something more.  Yup, I’m actively rooting for Reid to be hung up on a sociopath.  That’s how much I adore Michelle in roles where she throws rules out the door and causes chaos everywhere she goes.

Gossip Girl or Criminal Minds, Trachtenberg will bring the bad girl.

Still, I hope Reid doesn’t have to do a Buffy and throw himself off a tower to close some kind of portal. “The hardest thing in this world is to live in it,” is only true if it’s a Reid-less world.

Gossip Girl Surprises No One

[Source:  TVLine] In other casting news, Gossip Girl is bringing on Kristen Bell for a cameo during the finale.  Is she the real Gossip Girl?  Too easy, I say.  Especially since this little tidbit has made it’s way into the press.  I know it’s very hard to keep people spoiler free nowadays, but still, this seems way too much like leading us down the wrong path with a trail of candy.

If it’s not Bell (and I really believe it’s not), who could she be?  I’m not sure I even care who Gossip Girl is anymore (we all know the show doesn’t, Blair mentioned both TMZ and Perez Hilton last episode but no shout out to for the blogger whose name the show bares). I’m more worried about who they’ll pin the honor on last minute being sloppy and ridiculous.  You know, like the season’s been thus far.  Speaking of, can you believe Serena and Blair did not share one scene during ‘Portrait of a Lady Alexander’?

If Revenge’s Jack Is At The Bottom Of the Ocean, I Probably Won’t Care

[Source:  TVLine]

Oh Jack. We want to care again, but you’ve gotta make some changes.

Remember last season when you were either Team Daniel or Team Jack, in terms of who Emily should ultimately be with?  Do those two teams even exist anymore? Is anyone not on Team Adien?  If so, what’s wrong with you?

I jest, but in all seriousness, this season has not been good for Jack Porter.  Unlike Daniel, who grew both a brain and a pair this season, Jack’s just floundering.  While he’s mellowed a bit since becoming a father, and he’s always there for his train wreck of a brother Declan, Jack’s growth this year has either taken place on the jerk scale (see his attitude toward Amanda) or the idiot scale (I still don’t understand his thought process in deciding the guy Declan stole from is out to help them out so much).

Now he’s got an old high school buddy coming to town and oh, did I mention this guy is a cop?  While I’m a fan of men and women in blue in real life, on TV shows like Revenge they’re either dirty or they end up fertilizer, so no good can come from this.  Whether his buddy starts looking into Emily or Amanda’s past or tries digging something up on the Grayson’s, I don’t see this ending well.

Still, hopefully his old friend can rehab his image a bit. I’d like to root for Jack; to eventually get the girl or even just be happy sailing in his boat. But he needs to makes some changes or he’ll be at the bottom of the ocean under his boat.

That’s all for today, Spoiled Milk drinkers.   Are you as unimpressed with Gossip Girl as I am? Can Revenge’s Jack be rehabbed?  What casting scoop are you most interested in?  Tell me what you’re thinking in comments!

  1. I haven’t followed Criminal Minds quite as closely as normal, as the DVR in my new house has, like, no space. But, geez. I cannot want to see Michelle! If her and Spencer got together I would be the giddiest viewer anywhere.

    And, Glee! Marriage again so soon?! I feel like it almost has to be something for a musical number. Otherwise, well. Why would they repeat themselves so soon? Especially with people who haven’t been an ingrained couple. But, then again, this is Glee. They’ll do absolutely anything.

  2. I have to agree here. Not impressed at all and quite disappointed by how it’s going with Gossip Girl. I expected more.

  3. I know it’s a bit predictable, sure, but at this point, Bell is the most obvious choice for Gossip Girl. However, I won’t be surprised if we don’t find out who GG is – I’m pretty sure that her identity was never revealed in the books either.

  4. The pic of Sam and Britt is supposedly for Glee’s Christmas episode, which is going to be an ode to “Love, Actually.” Murphy has said that there are going to be a bunch of crazy couples you wouldn’t expect in the episode. In what context? Who knows.

    • I love “Love Actually” so yay! Thanks for the update Megan!

  5. Gossip Girl is just … I don’t even know. It’s sad that the writers could make a great send off for the show and are instead giving us such lame episodes. And I agree – it would be too easy if it’s Bell. But I would love it.
    I love Malin Ackerman – one of my fav Swedish blondes! She looks very Tessa like and it will be great for Tessa to finally met the woman, the myth, the legend – her mom! And Ryan and her = fun. No matter how it goes down.
    You had me at Shannon Dougherty … but her up agaisnt Ellen Barkin and you have must see tv.
    They have ruined Jack. Much like Rosewell they give Nick Wechsler bad material. He can shine so much brighter – sad 🙁

    • Oh I’d love a showdown between Ellen and Shannon! That would make for some great TV. Now I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get it.

      I’m still hoping they can turn Jack’s ship around — they’ve made great strides with Daniel this year, yes?

  6. Yikes. Another Glee wedding is just plain wrong. I’m intrigued.

    I agree about Shannon Dougherty. It should be fun, and at least we know she’s not going to stick around long enough for it to get old. She never does.

    • Even when she wants to — girl can not maintain an on-set relationship to save her life. What we don’t get on screen for drama, ends up in the tabloids! Win-win!