Supernatural Season 8.06 ‘Southern Comfort’ – A Dean Girl’s POV

Benny Is My New Bestie

Benny’s cute, but is he worth Winchester angst?

This Dean fan never thought he’d ever befriend a vampire. Dean usually sees things pretty black and white when it comes to battling monsters. But spending a year fighting for his life day after day takes a toll.  Enter Benny, the vampire who promises to help Dean escape from purgatory.

They battled together, they bonded and they dug their way out of purgatory together. Sam wants answers, he doesn’t get how Dean could be friends with a vampire, how he can trust him, etc. But Sam wasn’t there, he was off playing house with his lady friend and dog while Dean was trying to stay alive so he could get back to his brother. The bottom line for Dean is that Benny has proved himself worthy of being a friend, he had Dean’s back and since Dean is the most loyal guy on the planet, it makes total sense why he recently came to Benny’s aid and why he considers him a good friend.

You Are Definitely Not Bobby

Garth may grow on a guy, but can’t replace Bobby.

Bobby was basically a father to Dean. He was devastated when he died. So to watch Garth try and take his place obviously isn’t going to set well with him. He’s still grieving in his own way and gets very angry with Garth.

Dean gets frustrated hearing Garth say “balls” or when he calls him an “igit”, those are Bobby’s words, not Garth’s. Bobby can never be replaced in Dean’s eyes (in ours too!) and he’s very resentful of Garth for doing this. He’s even pissed that Garth is wearing Bobby’s old hat and rips it off of him.

Bro’s Before Ho’s

This confrontation has been building all season and I was not disappointed. Dean may have been under the influence of the “haunted” penny, but I believe he meant a lot of what he said here. “You should have looked for me while I was in purgatory.” Amen and hallelujah! I know I’ve been waiting for Dean to say that for weeks now.

“Everything you’ve ever done since you climbed into my ride has been to deceive me.” Sam tells him he’s made mistakes. “Mistakes, let’s go through some of Sammy’s greatest hits, drinking demon blood, being in cahoots with Ruby, not telling me that you lost your soul or how about running around with Samuel for a whole year letting me think that you were dead while you were doing all kinds of crazy things.” Ouch.  Some of that he agreed to let go ages ago, but he’s under a spell and he’s hurt.  Who wouldn’t be, right?

If that gun wasn’t pointed at Sammy, we’d swoon.

Dean tells Sam that he never once betrayed him, he never once left him to die, “and for what, a girl, you left me to die for a girl.” Thank you Dean! I loved nearly everything he said to Sam here. Sam throws the first punch trying to get the gun away from Dean, but Dean is too strong and kicks him to the floor.

Now here is the part where I believe the “haunted” penny is doing Dean’s bidding. I don’t care how pissed Dean gets at Sam, he would never kill him.  He loves Sam and even though he’s pissed as hell at him and is hurt because he feels that Sam left him to rot for some chick, he would still die for him. Something else he says here is that Benny has been more of a brother to him than Sam ever has. I don’t know that I really believe that, but Dean believes the only person who hasn’t let him down is Benny. That sure sounds like foreshadowing to me.

You Aren’t Bobby But You’re Okay

By the end of the episode, Dean has come around a little toward Garth. He’s not Bobby but he’s pretty cool for a nerdy guy. Dean isn’t much of a hugger but he tolerates it from Garth. He gave Garth back his Bobby cap and seems to almost be proud of the little guy. Garth was really good in this episode. In some ways he was Bobby-like. He was helpful and gave some pretty good advice to both brothers.

Move On Or I’m Gone

Sam tells Dean about the girl, her name’s Amelia Richardson, they shared a place together in Texas. Dean states he doesn’t remember what he said while under the influence. Sam calls him on it, tells him to own up to his own crap.

Dean and Sam both own up to their mistakes. In their Winchester way, anyway.

Dean’s been keeping secrets, he has Benny. He tells him to move on or he will. Dean thinks about it for a minute and says okay. He doesn’t want Sam to walk on him. Sam tells him that he might be the hunter who kills Benny someday. Dean isn’t too pleased about that.

On a personal note, I’m kind of an angst whore so I’m loving these scenes with Sam and Dean. The secrets are out, all the cards are on the table for them both. Neither one is “over” the issues, but at least they are still together kicking ass and that’s all that matters to this fan.

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  1. Been meaning to pick this show up for years, finally today decided to buy a DVD boxset. :p

    • You won’t regret it. In my opinion, this is the best show on TV.

  2. Yay Ruby mention! Sam’s eternal soulmate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I <3 Sam/Ruby. I shipped them hard!

    Since this is about Dean ; I haven't watched in a long time but this confrontation feels cheapened. If I read it correctly he said all the things he that needed to be said while possessed? I agree with Sam, he should own it. Why did they let him hide behind a spirit? It's not as if he doesn't have a right to those feelings. He very much does

    I am not getting Sam at all. I take it they haven't explained why he seemingly went on with his life when Dean went missing

    Who is the new chick, he wasn't this, for the lack of a better word, disengaged when he was screwing Ruby. See. Turned it right back to mybabies lol

    • Dean definitely has a right to be pissed. Even though he was “under the influence”, I still loved what he said to Sam. I hope we get more confrontations though. They really haven’t explained why Sam gave up and didn’t try to find Dean. He just told this new chick that he lost his brother and he felt lost and basically ran. I really hope they explain this more.