Supernatural Season 8.07 ‘A Little Slice of Kevin’ Review – Dean Opens Up – A Dean Girl’s POV

We’ve had a bit of a SPN shake-up here at RealTV.   Resident Sam Girl, Kyline, has decided to take a breather, so Former Dean Girl TFries, has moved on to the Sam Girl Beat.

As if being possessed, trying to kill Sam and letting out all his feelings – you know, the ones we’ve all been having since we found out Sam didn’t look for Dean after he disappeared into Purgatory last year – Dean got to face some more demons of the personal nature

Wanted:  Possible Prophets. Contact Crowley With Details.

It’s fun and vocab with Crowley on SPN.

Before we delve into all things Dean, Kevin, Mrs. Tran and Crowley showed up this week to keep the story arc for the season moving.   Simply put, Crowley kidnapped all the prophet potentials, in hopes that one of them could read the Word of God.  They couldn’t.

Crowley gets snarky several times this episode about vocabulary and the “dumbing down of America”, but he really shouldn’t talk.  Guy apparently doesn’t know the definition of potential.

He finally gets his hands back on Kevin after Mama Tran trusts the wrong witch.  After some torture and the loss of a finger, Kevin realizes that Crowley’s not joking and gives up the tablet contents; demon weapons, the sealing of hell and that, Megatron, voice of God, was going on holiday, but before he leaves us, he wants us to know that  there are more tablets with various messages.

Hello seasons 9 and 10.

Not Okay…

Since returning from Purgatory earlier this year, two things have been gnawing in Dean’s gut; Sam not looking for him and losing Castiel.

‘Southern Comfort’ allowed Dean to give voice to his anger at Sam, so it makes sense that ‘A Little Slice of Kevin’ follows up with the anguish he feels at losing Castiel.

In typical Dean fashion, he can’t ever just acknowledge his feelings.  After nine seasons, Dean hasn’t learned that you can’t bury your pain in alcohol, anger and saving the world, and so he keeps on keeping on, trying to solve monsters of the week while searching for Kevin.  Maybe he should go back to using sex.  On screen.  It feels like forever since we’ve had a sexy Dean scene.

But anyway, no sex this episode.  Instead, Dean’s anguish manifests in Castiel hallucinations, seeing the angel in shiny reflective surfaces.  No mirror or window is safe, not even Baby’s rear view mirror.

Dean’s haunted by what happened in purgatory.

While Dean thinks he’s losing his mind, we know he’s not going crazy.  This is SPN.  People you love and lose are always showing back up again; your mom and dad, Bobby, Ellen and Jo.  Of course Castiel is going to show up again.

A Dean girl knows when Dean’s at the end of his rope though by watching his interactions with Sam.  Despite being a tiny bit defensive and snotty in ‘Southern Comfort’ (because yes, Sam, Dean needs to own his feelings, but you did leave him for dead and we’re all a little bit mad at you for that), ‘A Little Slice of Kevin’ Sam is intuitive and knows something’s wrong, even if he doesn’t know what he is.  Sam being Sam, keeps asking what’s up and Dean stops being Dean a bit here.  Instead of protecting Sam from his crazy with snarky retorts, Dean shrugs off a simple everything’s good once before fessing up.  He’s seeing Castiel.  Sam’s worried (I like to think because Dean told him, as opposed to thinking Dean’s crazy).

Balancing Bromances – Dean’s Time In Purgatory

Dean would rather be hunted than listen to more bickering between Cas and Benny.

So was purgatory the part where Dean had to manage everyone’s feelings and try to get Benny and Castiel to get along or was it all the demons and Leviathans that were trying hunting them?  Dean being Dean, he definitely preferred the hunt to refereeing between the vampire and the angel, I’m sure.

Despite the bickering, the trio finds the portal.  With the help of a spell, Benny’s vampire essence is transferred to Dean and so it’s just Dean and Castiel have to make it through.

Being a portal for humans, Cas doesn’t see it working out well, but Dean’s going to carry them both back to earth with sheer will.  Seriously, he does not give up on his friends. Ever.

They fight off a couple of Levithan (easily, by the way, which really makes you wonder why it had to drag out so long last season) and Dean enters the portal, reaches out for Cas and tries to pull him in.  Someone lets go and the portal transfers Dean to Earth without Cas.

A Little Angel Here On Earth

Castiel shows up for real and while Sam’s thrilled to see him, Dean’s suspicious.  Cas can’t remember purgatory or getting out, he just knows he ends up in Illinois (which if you’ve ever driven through it, you’d know is kinda like Purgatory in the fact that it seems never ending).  Dean can’t forget it, he’s got every moment burned into his brain, and he’s not buying.

While Dean isn’t exactly an open book, he shares a lot of his fears with Sam this week.

Using our Sam Litmus Test of how close Dean is to breaking, we realize he’s pretty damn close because he tells Sam his suspicions instead of keeping them to himself.  Generally I applaud when the Winchester brothers manage not to keep a secret, but all the sharing Dean does in this episode, so readily and so easily, really does have me worried.

Sam and Dean are going to keep an eye on Cas, which is good, but it’s not like Cas and Dean are the same species.  Isn’t it possible that Cas doesn’t remember because he’s not human?

They don’t have too much time to discuss it because Cas is in the shower cleaning up and Mrs. Tran calls with news that Crowley has Kevin.  Hey, it’s Wednesday and the entire episode can’t be exposition.  The boys gotta save someone!

Double Crossed By A Witch

Somehow, Sam, Dean and Castiel manage not to lecture Mrs. Tran on hiring a witch over Craiglist and get down to the business of finding Kevin.  They split up, Sam going one way and Dean taking Castiel.  I know a lot of people hate when Castiel is around because it splits the brothers up, but this split up spoke more to the fact that Dean trusted Sam to be off on his own, getting the job done, and he’s not trusting Castiel to be out of sight.

You can’t keep an Angel where you want him though and Cas pops out to face off Crowley, leaving Dean behind, unable to get in through a steel locked door.  The showdown is quick and dirty, some quips from Crowley suggesting Cas isn’t ready for this, but Cas finds the strength to power up and angel out.  Crowley gets away (with half of the tablet), but Kevin’s safe and though Cas is tired, he didn’t power burn himself into oblivion, so it’s all good.

Well, except Dean’s pissed.

You Can’t Save Everybody

Dean wants to protect Cas, but you can’t save an angel who doesn’t want to be saved.

Cas and Dean finally have it out and we get the truth as Cas knows it and it’s the truth that was in our hearts.  Despite his guilt, Dean did not choose Benny over Cas, hell, Dean didn’t even choose himself over Cas.   He held on, as tight as he could, and tried to take Cas with him.  Cas was simply stronger and let go.

Which leaves us with the bigger question?  Why has Dean been punishing himself? Cas suggested that Dean remembered things the way Dean needed to, in order to survive, and I agree with him.  Dean can accept, and deal with, weakness in himself, but he can not with people he loves.  Oh Dean.  Stop punishing yourself for things you can’t control.

Someone send him the Serenity prayer they use in AA.  Kid needs it more than any addict I’ve ever seen.

Heaven Can’t Wait

If this is Heaven, I’m calling Crowley to see if he’s got room for me in Hell.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, Heaven calls Cas for a sit down.  Heaven looks like an office.  A really nice office, that’s all clean lines and minimalist white, but still an office.  Who’d want to go to heaven if that was indeed the case?

It’s Cas’ first time there and having not worked in an office, he doesn’t realize how much of a letdown this is.  Instead he wants to know what happened and we get the truth.  Heaven interceded and pulled Cas’ out of Purgatory so he could get back down to earth, protect the Winchesters and report back.  Uh, wasn’t this like the plot of seasons 4 and 5, heaven being overly interested in Sam and Dean because they were vessels?  We’re not going to have another brother vs. brother show down right? Lucifer’s still in the box?

Cas refuses to report back on the Winchesters, but the Angel in Charge simply tells him he will, he wont remember it and blinks him back. They boys never realize he was called away and he doesn’t remember anything that happened in White Office Heaven.


So what did you guys think of ‘A Little Slice of Heaven’?  Do you think Heaven’s returned interest in the Winchester boys spells disaster? Do you want Dean to bury his feelings in meaningless sex or are you happy he’s talking?