The Following 01.07 ‘Let Me Go’ Review and Recap

The Following 01.07 ‘Let Me Go’ Review and Recap

The Following was renewed for a second season today. I have no idea if there will be any Followers watching by the time season 2 happens, but congrats on stretching this out even further.

Needless to say, ‘Let Me Go’ is not my favorite episode of the season. I blame this interview that Kevin Williamson gave Entertainment Weekly. There were suggestions that things were going to change, Ryan was going to win one and that Joey would not be held captive all season.

By the end of this episode, Ryan’s heart almost gave out (again), Team Hardy lost (again) and Joey’s still held captive. It was all lies, my friends. All lies.

The Little Boy Who Could

Joey's escaped the house only to be trapped in a garage.

Joey’s escaped the house only to be trapped in a garage.

Emma and Joey make it to the meeting place, but Roderick isn’t there. Instead, they get to wait in this deserted garage with an unfriendly guy named Bo. Bo is not a Follower; he’s just the hired help.

While there, Joey discovers a girl is being held in a cage and tells Emma, who is slightly appalled considering she kept a girl tied up in a basement. Emma tries to gain control the situation by reasoning with Bo, but little Joey is a man of action.

Stealing a page from his mother’s book, he grabs the keys and unlocks the cage door to free the girl. Bo is furious when he figures out what Joey’s done, but the little one makes a decent run for it. Joey’s caught of course, and Emma tries to protect him, but just as Bo’s gained the upper hand, Claire’s Army Guy Follower, Charlie, shows up having recaptured the girl Joey freed and puts a stop to all the shenanigans.

The Great Escape

Joe’s bored with beating Ryan from behind bars, so he’s come up with a great plan to get out of prison. His lawyer calls a meeting with the warden, shows the video of Ryan breaking his fingers, and demands a transfer. Even a Presidential Pardon would have taken a few days, but the warden blames Hardy for everything and agrees to release Joe.

No prison can hold him.

No prison can hold him.

Agent Parker and the rest of the FBI act like this is normal protocol, because they apparently don’t watch Criminal Minds, but Hardy can tell something’s up. He has Weston do a little digging on the warden and they find out that the warden’s daughter has been reported missing. Gee, I wonder where she is.

At Hardy’s insistence, the FBI pulls over the transfer and they discover that – surprise – Joe’s not there. Hardy and Weston pull over the warden on his way out of the prison, expecting to find Carroll in the back seat, but he’s not there either. Carroll’s long gone, having been in the trunk of his lawyer’s car.

Promises, Promises

Back at the abandoned garage, Charlie has a heart to heart with Emma. He feels bad about allowing Claire to get free, she feels bad about Jacob and Paul not making it. These two are so going to be screwing like bunnies before the seasons finished. Good for you, Emma.

Emma isn’t the only one Charlie’s putting at ease. He promises Joey that the girl will not get hurt. When Charlie has to tie up the loose ends, he kills Bo but leaves the girl alive. Aw. Joey is probably going to save more people than Hardy and the FBI and he’s like what? Six?

The Only Good Lawyer…

Despite the overwhelming number of wins he has against Hardy, Carroll is obsessed with making him suffer. Instead of playing it safe and escaping, Carroll has his lawyer call Hardy so Ryan can listen as Carroll kills her. Why Hardy would feel guilty about the murder of a woman who helped a serial killer escape, I do not know, but it did tug at his heart strings.

We Meet Again

Carroll has Hardy running in circles.

Carroll has Hardy running in circles.

Hardy and Weston discovered the now dead lawyer in her car and helpful citizens point to the building Joe has escaped into. Joe is being escorted to safety by a Follower, but Hardy is hot on his trail (Weston went the other way, again). Hardy’s heart almost gives out (again), but Joe and Ryan get to have another confrontation where Joe could squash Hardy like a bug, but doesn’t because he’s been planning this for years and it has to end like it did in his mind. I swear to God, sometimes Joe Carroll is such a girl. Hardy’s never going to live up to the man he is in your head, Carroll!

A Prison of Her Own Making

No one has a gun to your head, Claire.

No one has a gun to your head, Claire.

With Carroll a free man, the FBI has decided to put Claire into protective custody. She’s really pissed about it and won’t even give Hardy a hug when he comes to check on her.

Hey Claire, you realize you could just tell the FBI that you’re refusing their protection right? Hire your own team to find your son? Maybe someone who doesn’t have a heart condition?

Claire is not that bright and concentrates on packing all of her clothes (seriously, she took every single thing in her closet) before reminding Hardy that this is not a game, it’s her life and her son’s life. Glad she finally figured that out.

Father Knows Best

Carroll makes his way to his brand new hide out that’s filled with all his Followers, including Charlie and Emma. Emma runs

into Carroll’s embrace and it’s really sort of sweet. Poor little Joey stands back, confused, even after Emma beckons him to come close. For a minute, I wonder if Carroll will lose for the first time; will Joey turn away from him? While Carroll doesn’t get a hug, Joey does call him Dad.

Why I’d Turn In My Copy of Edgar Allan Poe…

  • In order to fully enjoy television, sometimes you have to suspend disbelief. I’m a fan of it (not only on TV but in my everyday life, to tell you the truth). Just not 3 or 4 times an episode. Who is funding The Followers? Batman? Helicopters waiting on roofs, huge mansion hideouts, Followers at every level of government.  Instances like this happen too frequently. They aren’t surprising, they aren’t scary; they are just ridiculous.
  • Plot twists aren’t twisty when we’ve already seen them on other criminal TV dramas. From the warden’s daughter to the lawyer’s death, I saw ever turn.
  • While I usually enjoy watching Carroll bait Hardy, I can’t help but wonder how he’s not frustrated by Ryan’s lack of ability.
  • Shallow Note: Hardy and Carroll both got their hair done this week and they both looked awful! Stay out of Damon Salvatore color #5, you guys. It’s distracting. Both men are supposed to be in their 40s and the touch of gray in their hair is sexy.

How to Maintain Your Followers

  • Give Hardy a miracle heart surgery or move him to an advisory role. He doesn’t have to physically catch the bad guy to be the hero.
  • Make the FBI as interesting as the Followers. Emma, Jacob, Paul and Charlie all have so much potential for evil; wouldn’t it be nice if Weston was a sure bet good guy?
  • Carroll needs to suffer a little. He doesn’t have to lose the upper hand, but the occasional set back would give him a little depth.
  • Bring back the gore. Now that Carroll’s out, let the blood flow.


Remember when you thought Hardy would save the day? Yeah, we don't either.

Remember when you thought Hardy would save the day? Yeah, we don’t either.

After watching ‘Let Me Go,’ I wonder how many people will do just that next week. What was an exciting premise has become a conventional hour of television. Bravo’s Real Housewives are more unpredictable.

Is it possible to turn this ship around? I’m not sure. The performances are strong, but the good guys are impotent, victory has made Carroll tedious and I’m unengaged. What does The Following have to do to keep you watching? Let me know if comments or head over to the Forum to discuss.

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  1. I’m so into this show right now; I loved everything about last night’s episode. It further illustrates just how far Joe’s reach is, that he can get to the head warden of maximum security federal penitentiary. I’m also really looking forward to seeing what, exactly; Joe has in store for his own kid.

    I work at DISH and was talking to a coworker about the show at work today; she was a little freaked out by the sheer number of followers Joe had, meeting him at the mansion. With shows like this I watch each episode twice, just in case I missed some subtle clues the writers were laying down, and because “The Following” airs on one of the big four networks, during primetime, my DISH Hopper automatically recorded it, so I was still able to watch it this morning before work.

    I know she didn’t get much screen time this week, but I still think aAgent Parker is a follower!