The Following 01.08 ‘Welcome Home’ Review and Recap

The Following 01.08 ‘Welcome Home’ Recap & Review: Even When They Win, They Lose

Last week, I completely fell out of love with Ryan Hardy and the FBI and even Joe Carroll was trying my patience. Thankfully, Joe brings sexy back this episode.

Yes, I’m actively rooting against Team FBI. I’m actually plotting ways to hurt Ryan Hardy, truth be told.  Wouldn’t it be fun for Carroll and company to get their hands on Claire, Ryan can come in for the save and accidentally end up killing her, all in front of Joey!

No Claire, More Problems

Carroll pulls his best Edward Cullen (probably without even knowing who he is) on little Joey, watching him while he sleeps. Unlike Bella, this freaks Joey out. Joe isn’t happy his namesake is scared of him and promises to make the situation right by bringing Claire home.

Unfortunately for Carroll, Claire was taken into protective custody, so her location is ‘need to know.’ This is great for me because Claire’s off camera the entire episode. I still don’t understand why Hardy and Carroll want her so badly, but I’d much rather listen to them worry about her than have to see her.

The New Guy

Despite the handshake, they're not friends. Shocker.

Despite the handshake, they’re not friends. Shocker.

After the deaths of numerous FBI agents and law enforcement members, as well as Carroll’s second escape from a maximum security prison, Quantico decides Agent Parker isn’t getting the job done and brings in Agent Nick Donavon to run the show.

Agent Donovan takes the reigns and wants Hardy back on his “consultant” leash. Thankfully for Team Hardy, Agent Donovan meets resistance when he goes to question David, the Follower caught at the end of the last episode. Instead of making David uncomfortable and trying to force him to play by the FBI rules, Nick folds and brings Hardy in to assist during questioning. Kevin Bacon’s playing Hardy’s swagger again, and he’s fun to watch, but when David manages to bite through his own skin to release a cyanide capsule into his system, it’s simply another loss for the FBI. David could have killed himself at any time, but having Hardy sit there and watch it go down makes him seem more impotent.

Château Carroll

Carroll’s Followers are growing; even more have showed up by morning. This leaves Emma feeling a bit left out, but Carroll is quick to reassure her she’s important. Joey needs her, which is great, but it is clear Emma wants more than just to be a babysitter. Carroll asks after Jacob and Paul, but Emma says she hasn’t heard from them. I wonder why Emma forgot to mention Jacob’s call? Whatever could she be up to?

A police vehicle roars up, sirens blazing, and could a local cop really have stumbled upon Carroll and his Followers? Will they be brought down? Of course not. Continuing to discredit law enforcement agencies everywhere, Sheriff Roderick envelops Joe in a hug. Yup, we finally meet Carroll’s first student and learn that Roderick made some of the kills that Joe took the credit for, leaving Roderick out of jail and indebted to him.

Do you need to plot against the FBI guys? They help you often enough on their own.

Do you need to plot against the FBI guys? They help you often enough on their own.

Roderick brings Carroll up to speed, which consists of a tour of the house and having Charlie apologize for letting Claire escape. Joe really has been in prison for too long if he thinks losing Claire was a big loss, but whatever.

Roderick admits Hardy’s kept them on their toes. Really? The power balance between Hardy and the Followers has never been equal, no matter how many times the show tries to have the Followers tell me differently.

While Carroll played off the larger group when Emma brought it up, he questions the number of new Followers. Roderick puffs up and says he’s been recruiting. Joe’s no dummy; he can see that Roderick’s built a nice little kingdom in a small town he’s Sheriff of. Will Roderick be able to go back to being the student, instead of the teacher? Doubtful.

Could the Roderick vs Carroll war be more intense that Carroll vs Hardy? One has got to hope.

In the meantime, Roderick is playing daddy’s favorite son to Joe’s face and offers up a new plan to find Claire. The FBI will tell them.

Weston Gets a Time Out

Remember when Agent Weston told Hardy a few episodes back that he wasn’t going to lose his job keeping Hardy’s secrets? Weston doesn’t.

Bad behavior gets Weston put on time-out.

Bad behavior gets Weston put on time-out.

In one of the series most WTF moments, Weston decides to hack Donovan’s email for details on David, when Donovan refuses to share them with Hardy. Weston’s been pretty good at making better decisions than every other agent in the FBI, so this left me stumped. Logically, it just doesn’t make much sense. Donovan was handed a hard copy of the file, so who would assume that there was digital files in his email?

Plus, while is fanboy status has been consistent Weston hasn’t been reckless with his career just to get in good with Hardy. So why would he think hacking his new boss’ email was a good idea? Maybe Weston was just relying on the typical FBI incompetence, figuring no one would notice, but apparently Donovan got himself an outside security alert and Weston is sent back to the motel.

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