The Following 01.10 ‘Guilt’ Review and Recap

The Following 01.10 ‘Guilt’ Review and Recap

Last week, Team Joe Carroll kicked Team Ryan Hardy’s ass. This week was much of the same; yet, ‘Guilt’ showed a lot more potential and promise than the last 5 episodes. I don’t get it either, but none the less, after last week I was pleasantly surprised.

Jacob Sees Dead People

Poor Jacob.

Poor Jacob.

‘Guilt’ starts off with Jacob snuggled up warm in bed and Paul sexily sauntering out of the shower to wake him up. Good to see you Paul, especially shirtless and in that towel, but aren’t you dead?  Yup, still dead. Jacob is having some guilt issues after his first kill and he’s manifesting them with Ghost Paul and Naked, Slaughtered Emma (whom he sees in the shower during this dream).

This show has shielded away from the gore it kicked off with, but Jacob’s vision of Emma in the shower was gory, but beautiful. Joe would be so proud of Jacob, his dream kills are art.

Everybody Hates Anne Hathaway

Oh, I guess the important info, relative to the plot, is the FBI somehow managed to realize that Team Carroll hacked the system and know where Claire is. Claire’s refusing to leave the current safe house, despite it not being safe anymore, so Nick wants Hardy to call and reassure her. Hardy finally realizes he’s the only player Team Carroll gives a damn about and threatens to walk if he doesn’t get an in-person audience with Claire. My 4-year-old godchild knows to pull the “if you don’t do it my way, I’m leaving” but it took Hardy 10 episodes to figure that out. Maybe this is why Team Hardy loses every week?  Seriously, the best moment was the Anne Hathaway joke.

Let’s Call in the Militia

Joe and Roderick don't see eye to eye.

Joe and Roderick don’t see eye to eye.

I’ll say this about Roderick; he pulls out the big guns. After discovering Claire’s location, he decides to farm out the job of bringing her back to anti-government, militia types. Carroll’s happy, but insisting that Roderick go along for the ride. In the spark of what will be the most interesting battle of this series, Roderick vs. Carroll, Roderick says no a few times and Carroll’s forced to “insist.”

Roderick’s so over Joe Carroll bossing him around. I can’t wait to watch him knife Joe in the back. It’s probably the first real hit Carroll will suffer.

Love is Gooey

Joey’s thrilled when he discovers Jacob’s back and takes him for a tour of the house after Jacob rebuffs Emma’s suggestion they talk alone for a minute. Side note, angry Jacob is hot. On the tour, Joey admits he’s not having fun on this new adventure, the house is big and there are too many people, plus he wants his mom. I don’t understand that last one, but hey, he’s just a kid. When Joe shows up, Joey runs for the hills, even after Jacob chides him not to be rude. Oh Jacob, you should have run too! Instead, Joe insists he talk to Emma, because she really loves Jacob.

Right, Joe, it has nothing to do with you wanting Emma to stop sweating you. “Emma’s a selfish bitch, always was,” Ghost Paul reminds, trying to protect Jacob.

The Death Trap Motel

So pretty, so worthless.

So pretty, so worthless.

One of the most difficult concepts for me to buy on The Following is keeping Claire Matthews safe. How much tax payer money are we spending here? So far, we’ve guarded her house (and failed) and now she’s in a motel with 4 agents, guns and video equipment. I know they took away her cable, but still, this is costing a pretty penny, yes?

Wouldn’t it be more cost effective, and just smarter, to use her as bait and try to lure Carroll out? Since, no offense, concerned citizens who aren’t named Ryan Hardy are probably more worried about being killed by Joe Carroll, whom you still can’t find, than protecting Claire?

Anyway, the show continues to make protecting Claire a priority and it continues to be at the good guys’ expense. Despite the elaborate and expensive security measures, Roderick and the militia men easily take out the good guys in the room. Despite himself, Hardy manages to defeat the militia man waiting for him and Claire in the parking lot and they escape. Hardy decides they’re better off on their own and they toss their tracking devices.

Except for the one the militia guy (who, unsurprisingly, is smarter than Hardy and wore a vest) managed to plant on Claire.

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