The Following 01.12 ‘The Curse’ Review and Recap

The Following 01.12 ‘The Curse’ Review and Recap

The Following moves one step forward with ‘The Curse’ after a lack luster episode last week. While the good guys are still struggling to walk away with a win, at least this time the body count didn’t involve any team members. And never fear, Team Hardy, Carroll’s Followers are having trouble at home; the implosion is sure to score you a victory before the end of the season.

Bad Escape Plans

If you ever find yourself stuck in a house in the middle of no where, filled with psychopaths and killers, the best means for escape probably isn’t going to be bundling up your child and walking out the front door. I know, I never give Claire any credit. Well, props to Claire. Even though her plan sucked, she took the time out to do her hair and make-up, which was flawless. Glad to see you haven’t forsaken primping time to try to come up with a way to save yourself and your child.

After being found, Roderick and company escort little Joey back to the house while Claire gets fitted for an electronic monitoring anklet. Jacob’s a bit upset that she’s made him look bad, but Joe’s forgiving enough and she got a new anklet! Can it get much better than accessories for Claire, who packed everything for the safe house? Doubtful.

Brad Pitt’s Back

Weston's finally back!

Weston’s finally back!

After what felt like forever, Weston is back! Still sexy though beaten and banged up, he’s also got a bit of a fiery temper going on. Team Hardy is concerned. The guy did almost die, let him have his moment. Mike also comes bearing gifts; a sketch of Roderick. Unfortunately, Roderick looks like a Ken Doll. With not much to go on, Roderick becomes known as Generic White Guy.

The FBI has also learned that Carrollism is all about sacrificing for Joe; the biggest sacrifice one can make is to give their life for the mission. What is the mission exactly? Just getting Joe his jollies? I do not understand what all these people are looking to him for; is he promising an afterlife full of planets and multiple spouses?

Team Carroll Gets Cranky

Over at Château Carroll, Joe’s been writing but hit a bit of a block. Time for his weekly call to taunt Ryan! Carroll tries to get Ryan to open about his dad’s death, but Hardy turns the tables by asking if Carroll’s freaking out that Hardy’s found his serial killer training camp and is close to finding his location. Carroll hangs up. Way to play cool there, Joe.

Militia Man has made it back to camp and Joe wants to know what the FBI could possibly have on them. Roderick insists nothing, but Militia Man gives it up that Team Hardy will be able to connect everything to Daniel, the guy who supplied the weapons and helped pick out Château Carroll. Roderick tries to tell Joe that Daniel would never give them up, but Carroll’s pissed off and over it. Daniel’s a dead man and Roderick is grounded. Jacob and Militia Man will go with Joe to finish the job.

Emma and Roderick sizzle.

Emma and Roderick sizzle.

Being grounded is no fun, so when Roderick sees Emma stalking/spying on Claire, he gives her a hard time about it. Emma sizzles with everyone. I totally want Roderick/Emma hate sex. Emma’s just into the hating at the moment and stalks off, leaving Roderick some Claire time. I swear, if he starts swooning over Claire too, I’m off the Roderick bandwagon.

Claire makes use of Roderick’s time-out to be productive! For real, you guys, this isn’t even a backhanded compliment. After acting interested in him and why he’d ever do something like this, she points out that if nothing else, Joe Carroll cannot be trusted.

With his pride stung, and Carroll usurping his power, Roderick definitely understands that.

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  1. This was another great week for “The Following”. Kevin Bacon
    is really rocking on this show, every week, and Purefoy is amazing, too. That
    Flashback Ryan had to his younger days was intense and disturbing, maybe the
    best single scene of the entire series so far. I work at DISH and watched “The Curse” with a couple of my
    coworkers, and they loved it, too. We decided to have a marathon when the
    season is over, so I’ve been saving each episode on my DISH Hopper, which has 2,000 hours of storage space. This way I can
    keep the entire season and not worry about missing any of my other shows,

  2. I also don’t get that love for Claire. I mean what does she have that other woman doesn’t

    • I don’t get why she loves Ryan. He’s failed her at every turn