The Following 01.13 ‘Havenport’ Review and Recap: Don’t Turn Your Back

The Following 01.13 ‘Havenport’ Review and Recap:
Don’t Turn Your Back

With only two episodes to go, ‘Havenport’ picks up the pace and it’s about time. The FBI manages to continue their streak of win-lose, Team Carroll (especially Joe himself) continues to unravel – it really does sound like more of the same, but ‘Havenport’ manages to be one this seasons better episodes.

Super Agent Mike Weston

Agent MVP: Mike Weston

Agent MVP: Mike Weston

Last episode, an ambulance drove Agent Weston to the hospital while Hardy and Parker made nice with Sheriff Roderick. I was convinced that this was going to be another drawn out plot, but much to my surprise (and delight), in the first few minutes of ‘Havenport’, Weston’s back and recognizes the Sheriff as his lead tormentor, Roderick.

Being that this is The Following, Roderick was allowed to escape, but at least the team didn’t spend an entire episodes believing Sheriff Generic Ken Doll was on their side.

You’ll be happy the FBI is now vetting all law enforcement officers who work on the case.  Geesh. This is like what? There’s been the prison guard in the first episode, the local deputy who shot Weston, a bunch of SWAT team members…I’m glad the FBI is finally realizing that Carroll has compromised many members of law enforcement.

Who is Roderick?

After many episodes of wondering, Parker lays it on the line for us. Roderick’s real name is Tim, his mom was a mayor of a small town, his dad a war hero killed in action and Joe Carroll was his advisor at Winslow College. Weston asks how “a guy like him” could be made Sheriff of a small town and really? I’m still wondering how many members of your team became FBI agents, Weston.

Just Calm Down

After his run in with Agent Weston, Roderick hightails it back to Chateau Carroll and tells Joe, Weston identified him and it’s just a matter of time before they’re all discovered. Roderick, rightly, wants to execute the escape plan; Joe’s not a fan of this idea. He must be as bored with waiting for the FBI to catch up as the rest of us, I guess.

Happier times for Roderick and Joe.

Happier times for Roderick and Joe.

Completely panicked, Roderick blames Joe for bringing the FBI down on them. Carroll immediately fires back that it’s Roderick’s fault for not killing Weston in the first place.  Uh, Joe, did you forget you held Weston hostage last week and could have easily slit his throat?  Maybe Weston really is a Follower and Joe has decided to end his war with Roderick before it’s begun by having Weston turn him in? I’m kidding you guys, I fully believe Weston is Team Good Guy and the Future of the FBI (admit it, the other agents are hopeless).

The boys bicker back and forth, Roderick gives a great dig to Carroll about his failed attempts at seducing Claire and then it turns to choking, but Jacob interrupts them – Ryan’s on TV. Joe leaves to go watch the news break and tells Roderick to get it together one last time.

Yeah, that is so not gonna happen. You’d think a serial killer with a lack of impulse control would have assumed housing a bunch of other serial killers with a lack of coping skills wouldn’t have been a good idea unless they were putting Prozac in the water or something. Joe’s got a nurse on the team; he really should have medicated some of these guys.

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  1. Generally I like him but didn’t like Mike’s reaction when he found out about Roderick past.

    The good guys are finally winning the war. Joe lost a great deal and I liked Claire.