The Following 01.14 ‘The End Is Near’ Review – Do You Promise?

The Following 01.14 ‘The End Is Near’ –  Do You Promise?

‘The End Is Near’ leaves us with unfilled promises from everyone. Joe promises to kill Claire, but she still lives. The FBI promises to do better, but once again they’re too little, too late and an agent down.

You Cannot Kill Me; I’m Already Dead

Joe’s still hurting from Claire’s attack last week and he’s apparently learned his pain management techniques from watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Remember that episode where the guy uses porn to subdue his pain? Joe’s favorite seems to be Hardy Does the Naughty Nurse Next Door. can I live forever?

Hmmm….how can I live forever?

Ryan’s bedroom habits can’t bring the relief of percocet and morphine, but Carroll does find what he’s looking for; inspiration for his next chapter. Hardy mouths off about not fearing death because he’s dead already and Joe’s hooked.

While Hardy’s throw away comment doesn’t play a large role in ‘The End is Near’, I have no doubt it will be part of the shocking, season finale. You know, when Joe dies (or fakes his death) so his Followers (or he himself, if he goes the fake death route) can carry out his mission (or tormenting Hardy) and he will live forever. Hi there, Season 2. I hope you weren’t expecting to be a surprise.

Claire Matthews: Super Hero

So sad...

So sad…

After attacking Joe last week, Claire’s been banished to her room. She looks great, so she’s apparently not lost her priming privileges. Joe does inform her that he’s decided to kill her. He though long and hard about sparring her for the rewrite, but couldn’t find a single reason.

Haven’t we been saying this all along? Just kill Claire, Joe! He promises she won’t live so she’s definitely seeing season 2.

While a reasonable serial killer would just kill Claire and move on, Joe needs to bait Ryan a little bit more, so he sends his Followers off to death or life behind bars.  While his Followers are creating havoc for the FBI, Joe takes Claire on what I hope will be their last date.

With Jacob and Emma’s help, Joe secures a lovely home for their dinner date and even kidnaps the couple that lives there so they have company. There’s nothing worse than a double date with a couple that’s about to break up unless one half of that couple is a serial killer and the other half is Claire.

Claire can't count on these guys to save her.

Claire can’t count on these guys to save her.

Despite Joe’s promises of death for her, Claire’s still riding high on her attack from last week. Or maybe she fears nothing because she has nothing to lose. Regardless, Claire’s suddenly sees herself as a super hero. I can’t really blame her because God knows she can’t count on the FBI to come through the door and save the day.

While Emma and Jacob are busy dealing with body clean up after Emma kills two local cops patrolling the area, Claire spots her chance to attack Joe yet again, she bashes him over the head with a wine bottle and then gouges him with cutlery! You go Claire. It only took you all season, and I still want you to die, but it’s nice to see someone fight back.

Her escape is short lived (as they always are, she should be used to it by now). Joe sends Emma and Jacob after Claire, who runs right into them, thinking they are some passing motorists who can help her. Oh Claire. They retrieve Claire and bring her back to Joe, but hey, at least the innocent bystanders got away. Still a hero, Claire, still a hero.

Emma and Jacob see Joe off as he hauls Claire onto a boat. She all out begs not to get out it, leaving me to wonder what the deal is there. Can you not swim, Claire? Fear of sharks?

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  1. The opening when Joe was watching the sex tape and rewound it over and over was the creepiest thing ever, and that is saying a lot for this show

    I don’t know if I will watch next season. I am so tired of the senseless violence on not just the following, but tv in general

    thank you for the review