The Following 01.15 ‘The Final Chapter’ Recap & Review – Finally

The Following 01.15 ‘The Final Chapter’ Recap & Review

Until the last ten minutes or so, ‘The Final Chapter’ is arguably the best episode of The Following; then it gets predictable, but I bet you saw that coming.

Leading the Blind

Emma thinks the FBI needs a clue...she's right.

Emma thinks the FBI needs a clue…she’s right.

After losing Agent Parker, Team Hardy has gone back to their makeshift headquarters to regroup.

Thankfully, Team Carroll knows how long it could take the FBI to put this together on their own, and we’ve got a lot to do in the hour, so Emma pays a child $20 to walk up to the good guys and hand them the info they need. For once, the Followers don’t have a sharp object up their sleeves and the good guys come away with a phone number instead of the usual trip to the hospital.

If you think the number will lead Ryan back to Joe, you’d be wrong. Carroll’s trying not to be too eager. Agent Parker answers the call, the Followers being kind enough to bury her with a phone.

Team Carroll’s geeks are still better than Team Hardy’s geeks. Despite their best efforts to trace the call, the FBI tech squad can’t find locate Parker. Hardy and Weston are forced to use the old fashioned way — Parker’s memory.

Geez, Emma, you should have just drawn them a map. We’ve only got an hour here.

Wives Sharper Than Knives

All that fear of Joe’s boat was for nothing; Claire wakes up safe and sound in a house. After taking a look around, she discovers she’s at a lovely place outside the lighthouse. Joe’s got a gun, so Claire makes the decision not to run for her life.

Joe's in no mood for Cliare. Join the club, Joe!

Joe’s in no mood for Cliare. Join the club, Joe!

Carroll wasn’t an expert marksman, so I’m a bit confused as to why she didn’t try to out run the man who is probably still bleeding from the stab wounds she inflicted, but what the hell. Let’s just go with it.

Back inside, Claire goes for the jugular, attacking Joe’s writing. She taunts him about the predictability of choosing a lighthouse for his last chapter, much like reviewers struggle each week with the inevitable FBI defeat each episode. Carroll has thinner skin than FOX however and banishes Claire to her room.

A figure moves inside the room and Claire gasps when she discovers she’s not alone. Neal, a boat captain who is sure to become fodder, has been attacked by the Followers who paid him to drive a boat to the lighthouse. Say what you will about the Followers, but they’re really the best. They give Joe what he wants before he even asks for it.

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