The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Where Do We Go From Here?

The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Where Do We Go From Here?

The Vampire Diaries: Where Do We Go From Here

This article contains casting spoilers and speculation about season 7.

I Could Never Love Like That,’ which aired last week, was the beginning of the end of Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. The girl whose passions included vampire boyfriends and diary writing would trade it all in for babies and the letters M.D. after her name. Nina Dobrev‘s impending departure has meant Elena’s dreams become a bit more Caroline-like and I’m okay with that.  Maybe it’s out of character, but seventeen year olds don’t always think long-term and it’s entirely likely the girl who wanted to live out her days dating vampires now wants a white picket fence. College is supposed to change you.

What’s going to be incredibly out of character is Mystic Falls without Elena. Stefan and Damon’s entire motivation, for as long as we’ve known them, has been this girl and her happiness. Caroline and Bonnie have both chosen Elena over each other, and themselves, time and again. Matt still carries a torch for her. Alaric is a self-appointed big brother. How are any of these characters going to carry on without the Gilbert Glue that’s holding them together?

Brotherly Bonding

Without Elena, or Katherine, to fight over, the Salvatore brothers will be at loose ends. This show loves a triangle, but I hope they resist. Just resist love interests completely for these two right away, okay? We’ve spent six years of tug-of-war over who loves Elena most. Before she takes the cure, becomes human and is compelled to forget Mystic Falls completely (not a spoiler, just my speculation on how this ends), we’re sure to get a few more “she’s the love of my life” scenes from both brothers. We simply aren’t going to buy that either will move on too quickly, not even with characters we love like Caroline or Bonnie.

Take a page out of Arrow’s book and keep them single. Build up that brotherly Salvatore bond we love to see. Give them a reason for staying in Mystic Falls or Whitmore or wherever they end up because your long time viewers are wondering why they aren’t just stalking Elena, making sure she’s happy, ready to swoop in with vampire blood if she’s not, for the rest of Elena’s human life.

Humans Gotta Go

Matt Donovan has run his course. The high school sweetheart he could never get over is leaving town and he should follow. He has no purpose in Mystic Falls and there’s no way Damon wouldn’t snap his neck within 30 seconds of Matt being annoying.

Yes, Matt dated Caroline. Yes, she’d go to bat for him. But why? When Elena went evil, Matt stoically took whatever came his way, begging his friend to turn her humanity back on. Three  minutes of Evil Caroline and Matt’s ready to put her down. Caroline has always been Matt’s back up girlfriend and her sticking up for him just weakens her character.

Plus, in no world does Damon Salvatore listen to Caroline Forbes and not kill Matt after he mouths off. Save us all the pain. Compel Elena and Matt to go live happily ever after together.
And Alaric? If he wants to stick around and be Damon’s side-kick, he stays. If his story is playing house with Jo and little ones, put him on a bus and let him live out a bachelor life with Jer being vampire hunters. Traveling around killing things works really well for Sam and Dean on Supernatural, so there may even be some spin-off potential there if Steven McQueen leaves his superhero show.

Besties Forever

College changes you, remember? Bonnie and Caroline can certainly shed Elena, but only if they acknowledge how much being her friend has done to them. Enough of acting like saving Elena’s life is more important than living their own.

It’d also be a great time for them to re-embrace who they are know. Lucy Bennett could come back to town, giving Bonnie a family as well as a witch to practice with. Bennett witches >>> Gemini Coven. And let’s find Bonnie a love interest that works. She has chemistry with Kai, if we’re keeping him around, or move (slowly) towards a Damon and Bonnie pairing.

Caroline can go back to being a vampire who likes to be a vampire. Stop this silly Steroline romance. If they want to occasionally hook-up because they’re lonely or self-destructive, okay. Despite their usually electric chemistry, playing characters with intimate feelings towards each other is killing the fun with these two. Instead, let’s write off Sarah Salvatore before we go any further. Caroline’s their vampire family and Damon and Stefan certainly could have their hands full watching out for her. Especially if she starts going out with Enzo, which she should.

Oh hell. I still don’t think this is going to work. The Vampire Diaries without Elena Gilbert? No way. It’s hard enough seeing Katherine’s ghost and wondering why they had to send her to the pits of wherever she is, but the Mystic Falls gang wont be able to defeat the ghost of Elena. Watch your own show sometime, TVD! Elena always wins! Just call it a day and send a few people over to New Orleans.

Are you ready for an Elena-less Vampire Diaries? Or are you leaving vampires for humans after season six? Sound off in comments or at the forum.