True Blood Season 7.07 Review: May Be The Last Time

True Blood Season 7.07 Review: May Be The Last Time
August 3, 2014 – HBO

This week is the week of returns. In a season that is supposed to hearken back to the beginning, this is the episode that does that most blatantly. Not only do we have returning characters galore, but we even have a direct replay of one of the more famous scenes, even down to the wardrobe (or lack thereof). With that said, there was still quite a bit of time wasted on the distractions of the present. With so few episodes left, hopefully we will get more focused quickly.

Bill’s Decline

A blast from the past tries to come to Bill's aid. Photo courtesy of

A blast from the past tries to come to Bill’s aid. Photo courtesy of

The focus right now really should be on Bill. Luckily, most of “May Be The Last Time,” was on Bill and the quest to save him. After Sookie and Jessica learn of his disease and how quickly it is spreading, they want to spend as much time with him as possible. This leads to one of my favorite moments of the night, where Sookie encourages Jess to lay in bed with Bill, even though Jessica thinks it might be a little weird. Sure they aren’t actual father and daughter, but Bill was finally able to step into that role for Jessica more fully than her biological father ever did. So much so that you almost forget how awful he was to her after her turned her. Anyway, their connection makes the moment sweet rather than creepy.

With Sookie focused on saving Bill, we get the first reintroduction of a character: Dr. Ludwig, the dwarf who saved Sookie from the venom in Maryann’s claws. Nothing scares Dr. Ludwig, including sick vampires. She exams Bill and explains that though infections from fairies with Hep V spread quickly, they don’t spread that quickly. She asks into Sookie’s lineage, and we find out that the one thing she is scared of is fairy royalty. A nice touch, this little tidbit inspires Sookie to actually call on her great great great great grandfather for help and leads to yet another reintroduction.

Sookie's grandfather gives her some bad news. Photo courtesy of

Sookie’s grandfather gives her some bad news. Photo courtesy of

We haven’t seen Niall since the horrible Warlow debacle (which seems like forever ago, but is actually only eight episodes back). His help now seems just as ineffectual. He shows Sookie a sliver of Bill’s past to show her the miracle of birth, life, and death. Because his magic cannot save Bill. Niall’s life lesson seemed extraordinarily cruel, which is probably why Sookie dismisses him so summarily.

To be thorough, I should probably mention that Bill’s brush with death is making him think of when his father was going to die. Apparently back in1855 in Bon Temps, Bill’s father insisted that Bill marry the neighbor’s daughter rather than travel to California so that he could provide for his mother upon his death. When Bill meets Caroline, any objections he may have had vanish. Soon they are welcoming their first child. Going back to Bill’s first love is a bit weird given the rekindling of his relationship with Sookie, but it is fun to see Stephen Moyer in period clothes. The man makes anything work.

Speaking of rekindling with Sookie, her grandfather’s lack of help inspires her to race across the cemetery in a familiar white dress to Bill’s door to “stay with him until the end.” Which means sexing him up in front of the fireplace like that first night where she lost her virginity. If love and forgiveness is a miracle, then couldn’t sex heal Bill? Or conversely, might additional exposure to Hep V speed the spread of the disease even more? I’m afraid he will die before he can get the cure. At least he got this one possible last time with Sookie before he dies. Although if she stays with him until the end, they might have time for another round as well.

A Business Proposal

Eric and Pam try to interrogate Sarah’s sister, Amber, and are able to get the information that “Numi” is the cure that healed her sister. Eric gets frustrated when he can’t get more information and hallucinates Sarah on his interrogation table. So Amber bites the dust, and they have no leads. Gus gives them a business proposal: don’t kill Sarah, and Eric can become the spokesvampire for New Blood, a synthetic copy of the cure. The best part is that now that business could thrive, the Japanese government will get involved in the search. The quickly locate their prey with the extra help.

Sarah returns and is confronted with her past and future. Photo courtesy of

Sarah returns and is confronted with her past and future. Photo courtesy of

With nowhere to turn, Numi took a trip to the past to the site of the Light of Day Institute. There she hallucinates a whole cast of her past loves as she confronts her imminent death. This includes a shirtless Jason Stackhouse, her shaman lover, and her ex-husband Steve Newlin. I love how everything is coming full circle. I also appreciate how everything with Sarah is always crazy. It makes for a light moment amongst all of the dark material these days. Nothing like having an existential crisis in the middle of a ruined Christian anti-vampire camp by hallucinating your dead lovers berating you for lying to God about how many men you have slept with to keep things light! Sarah will not have much time to make her religious decision because Eric and co are already there. The fight that should follow will have to wait for next week.


The Search for Adilyn

Somewhere inside of Violet’s large mansion, Adilyn and Wade try to figure out all of the toys she has left at their disposal. It’s kind of sweet that Adilyn and Wade are trying to navigate sex in the middle of what has probably been used as a sex dungeon. Of course, it makes it a bit easier to deal with these things when you can read your boyfriend’s mind. It looks like things are going to hit the fan for this pair come next week, as Violet is only giving them one night of fun before knocking Wade out and locking Adilyn up. Her real goal must be to lure Jessica out, but why wait? I’m not sure I will ever understand that crazy vampire, and with so little time left, I do not want to take the time to figure her out. Can we get this little revenge storyline out of the way quickly?

Meanwhile, Andy and Holly continue the search for their children with no idea the serious danger they are in. They end up at a lake cabin that belongs to Holly’s ex-husband, and there Andy finally takes the time to internalize everything that has happened to those he holds dear. He cries, knowing that he has been unable to protect the women he loves. As I have said before, this less buffoonish Andy is a wonderful surprise, and this emotional response is one of those quiet moments that are worth the time spent. It makes you remember how much time you have invested in these characters and how much you have come to care for each and every one of them. While we have to take the time to pay attention to our core group, sparing some moments for the rest of this epic ensemble is a fitting way to go out.

A Little Bit of Everything Else

Hoyt returns. Finally! I know Alaska is pretty far away, but you would think it wouldn’t have taken him that long. Or maybe my sense of time is just extremely messed up. Has it really only been a couple of days since Maxine died? Anyway, Hoyt brings a girlfriend named Bridget along with him, and she is all Jason sees when he shows up at Bellefleur’s to see the pair.

Hoyt returns and Jason has to deal with the temptation of a hot girlfriend. Photo courtesy of

Hoyt returns and Jason has to deal with the temptation of a hot girlfriend. Photo courtesy of

I know that Jason and Hoyt couldn’t just hit it off like they were the best of friends, but I would expect Jason not to be completely derailed by how hot his former friend’s girlfriend is. That’s the old Jason. I’ve gotten too used to the more responsible Jason. That Jason shows up a bit when he lies about Maxine’s involvement in the town mob. I truly hope Jason does the right thing and stays away from Bridget. I also hope Jason vacuums in his underwear all the time. That’s a bit of the old Jason Stackhouse that we don’t have to leave behind.

Arlene gets a chance at happiness. Photo courtesy of

Arlene gets a chance at happiness. Photo courtesy of

It’s about time Arlene had a little fun! Too bad it’s only in her dreams. Arlene is someone who in season one was little more than a recurring extra. But now, be it the ever-increasing death toll or the brilliant portrayal of Emmy-winning Carrie Preston, Arlene has become an integral part of Bon Temps. She may have started out hating the supernatural world as it unfolded, but now she has become a lot more tolerant and is even on the cusp of beginning a relationship with a vampre. And while she deals with her own issues, she even finds time to play bartender and offer some advice to Sam about finding happiness. She might not be happy now, but Keith looks like he is ready to help her try, even though she is Hep V positive. I’m pulling for this couple!

Back at their old home, Lettie Mae and Lafayette get to digging. This is the only time we see them for the entire episode, and I can only imagine it is because we are gearing up to see a lot more of them in the future. Right now, it is unclear how Tara and her secret message will have any impact on what has been going on, but I expect it will be a huge part of True Blood’s end game.

Is the Age of Miracles Past?

Jessica still tries to come to terms with Bill's disease. Photo courtesy of

Jessica still tries to come to terms with Bill’s disease. Photo courtesy of


Jessica’s spirituality has been something that has practically been forgotten on the show but still shows prominently in her social media presence. Her blog constantly brings up her former relationship with God and how that jives with her new vampire existence. Now as she comes back to her own mortality as she comfronts Bill’s, it’s getting a bit worrying. Maybe having to run off and save Adilyn will keep her from such depressing thoughts. Otherwise, I would be extremely worried about her. Read for yourself (from

I don’t know what I’m doing here. Even typing these words feels so…wrong. I should be in there with Bill. I should be spending every last moment I can with him but I just can’t look at him anymore. Those veins look like ugly black snakes choking the life right outta him. And here I am, just sitting around, waiting for Sookie and her “miracle.” I don’t know about you all, but I haven’t seen a whole lot a miracles happening around here lately.

I learned all about miracles growing up. Bible’s full of ’em. Birth of Jesus. Death of Jesus. Walking on water, burning bushes, floods, plagues — those are the big ones, anyway. But how are you supposed to read about miracles in a two thousand-year-old book and somehow believe they can happen to you? I never did. Not really.

But then a miracle did happen to me — and his name was Bill Compton. I wouldn’t have been made vampire without him, but I also wouldn’t be the vampire I am without him. Bill — and Sookie — they have been good to me. I owe whatever life I have to the both of them. And it’s scary to think about dying — for good, but I have — I mean, I am, thinking about it. And I’m thinking if there is any way for me to trade my life for Bill’s right now, so he could get his miracle…I think I might do it. I hope you all aren’t mad at me for saying that, but it just feels like it would be the right thing to do…

Quotes of the Night

“Even if they don’t want to answer, teenagers have a Pavlovian response to a ringing cell phone.” – Andy

“What are you, Keith? 25?” – Arlene forgets a 515 year-old vampire will always look young.

“You want Eric to be your fucking spokesperson for your vampire Jenny Craig commercials.” – Pam, of course

“Oh you are too sweet.” – Bridget to Arlene
“No, I’m really not.” – Arlene

“Fuck the past, Sarah, die a Christian!” – Sarah has a religious crisis near the end, and her ex, Steve Newlin, comes back to guide her.