True Blood Season 7.09 Review: Love is to Die

True Blood Season 7.09 Review: Love is to Die

August 17, 2014 – HBO

Only one episode remaining, and boy did this week’s episode begin and end in the perfect place. All of the bullshit is over, everyone’s happy-ever-after is on its way, and all we have left for next week is Sookie, Bill, and the Yakuza. Oh, and a newly blonde Sarah Newlin. But before we come to next week’s final episode, fittingly entitled, “Thank You,” we must deal with these loose ends that were rapidly tied in “Love is to Die.”

“If You Build It, They Will Come.

Sam makes his choice. Photo courtesy of

Sam makes his choice. Photo courtesy of

Poor Sookie has been on a roller coaster ride recently. First she found out Bill was dying, and quickly. Then she found out there was a cure. Then she found out the cure didn’t matter because Bill would not take it. After that kind of emotional trip, I would need to take a break from the world for a bit, so it is completely understandable that she does not want to join in with the merry gathering at Bellefleur’s. It doesn’t help that she also went to Sam’s to talk and found him gone. His parting letter explains he’s off to Chicago to raise his child with Nicole. Sookie is welcome to visit. Sam has been an afterthought of Sookie’s lately, so it is purely coincidence that she should look for him now that he is conveniently off on his own adventure. I like Sam, but I am glad he is gone and no longer an option for Sookie if she ends up being vampireless in the future. That would have been a horrible way to end the series (I’m looking at you, Charlaine Harris!).

Sookie and Jessica are the only ones who seem unhappy. Adilyn is safe, Arlene is with Keith, and even Lafayette is with James. With no immediate dangers in their way, I expect they will end the series in this happy place, unless the Yakuza are the ones that come in for a bite to eat. If so, good for them. I hope the place fills with patrons once again, and everyone lives happily ever after. I also hope Carrie Preston gets a million new roles because she is the epitome of awesome. Arlene has become a great friend to Sookie and will inevitably need to be there no matter how Bill’s story ends, so I expect to see her awesomeness more next week.

“The Story of Us”

Okay, I have to admit that when Hoyt asked Jessica to tell him, “the story of us,” there were a few shaky minutes where I could not get that One Direction song out of my head. In a way, he really was asking for the story of his own life… at least the part that she glamoured out of him.

Jess wishes James and Lafayette well. Photo courtesy of

Jess wishes James and Lafayette well. Photo courtesy of

It makes perfect sense that Jessica would run to Hoyt. At the very least she took time to get Sookie to a safe place and give James her blessing with Lafayette before she inadvertently broke up a relationship. To give her credit, it seemed like Bridget and Hoyt would split over the kids issue anyway. In the end though, it is Bridget who makes Hoyt choose her or information about his past relationship with Jess. Hoyt is a good man, but their connection has always been too strong for him to deny. That’s why it’s Jason he punches when he hears the whole tale and Jess he sleeps with.

To give more credit where credit is due, I loved that Jessica and Hoyt having sex was juxtaposed with Jason explaining their connection to Bridget. It brought everything full circle and explained why Jason and Jessica could have been together momentarily even though Jessica and Hoyt were always meant to be. Of course, Jessica did more of that explaining herself when she told Hoyt that they met before she could explore who she was, including her dark side. Kelly Clarkson says that everyone has a dark side and asks if her lover can love hers. It looks like Hoyt can love Jessica’s. My only remaining question is whether this happy ending will include unlocking Hoyt’s memories. Maybe he can only fall in love with her again because the pain of betrayal is more distant?

Bridget teaches Jason how not to have sex. Photo courtesy of

Bridget teaches Jason how not to have sex. Photo courtesy of

Meanwhile, a Jason with a black eye gets some help when Bridget tells him that Hoyt was wrong when he told him something in him was missing. As I’ve mentioned before, Jason has grown tremendously, and it is good to have an outsider recognize that in some way. You would think bringing in a random girl at the very end would be a cop out. Oddly enough, she seems to fit. Maybe it’s because I trust that she and Hoyt were a real thing, and if he vetted her then she’s okay, but I do not take exception to her teaching Jason that he is a good man. I know he worked it so she could get on the next flight, but I would not mind if she stayed around to keep teaching him. And maybe he could eventually show her why he had never just slept with a woman before. As long as he’s happy. Everyone should end the show happy, no matter how unrealistic it is (this is True Blood, realism went out the door in the first second).

“It’s Her Light That Pulls Us In”

When the episode began, we were right back where we ended last week: Bill was refusing to drink Sarah’s blood and cure himself of Hep V. Sookie and Jessica protest vehemently, as expected, but the vampire does not budge, even when confronted with how much it will hurt those around him.

Eric and Bill have a Sookie-related heart-to-heart. Photo courtesy of

Eric and Bill have a Sookie-related heart-to-heart. Photo courtesy of

When Eric visits Bill a little later, the truth comes out exactly as I expected; after Bill’s dream in which Sookie gave birth to death, he wanted to die so she would be free to move on to life without him. I love that Eric took it upon himself to speak to Bill on what he thought was Sookie’s behalf. He loves her too, so the two vampires were really able to meet on an even level for once and come to an agreement about what is best for her. I take exception at leaving her out of the decision, of course, which is the conclusion Eric comes to as well, even though he understands Bill’s intentions. What it comes down to is Bill asking Eric’s help in explaining himself ot Sookie. Someone has to reach out to her to see if Bill can call on her later that night to explain himself fully. I love Bill’s gentlemanly ways, just as much as I love Eric’s frustration at having to play counselor for the pair even though he ends up doing it.

Ginger gets what she wants, how she wants it. Photo courtesy of

Ginger gets what she wants, how she wants it. Photo courtesy of

What I love most is the scene that transpired directly after Eric spoke with Sookie and flew her home (can you believe it is the first time they have done that together?). Returning to Fangtasia, Eric runs into Ginger, who is upset at having not been informed that he was now healed. He has the perfect way to apologize to her. I don’t think the resulting sex scene would qualify as long-awaited except on her side, but the way it unfolded was everything I didn’t know I wanted (having never imagined the scene before myself). The way she climbed on top of him a barely lasted a minute before she slunk onto the ground and promptly went to sleep in a blissed-out daze? Perfecton! And the fact that even that loose end was tied with a neat bow without interfering with everything else going on? Masterful.

Ginger is no where near Eric’s main problem, however, and the real problem is not so easily or inconsequentially dealt with. When he coms down to the basement, he finds Pam strapped to a table to a massive stake hanging over her. Gus found out that Sookie was not just a fangbanger, and he wants answers. No matter Eric’s love for Sookie, he will always protect Pam, so after some resistance, he reveals that Sookie knows about Sarah. He also provides an address. So when Bill arrives to speak to Sookie, the Yakuza can only be so far behind.

In its final hour, I am sure the other characters will not be ignored, but it is only right that the bulk of the story fall on Sookie and Bill. That is where we started after all. The only question that remains, as the preview for next week asks, is: will it be True Love or True Death? What do you think?

Jessica’s Blog

Because True Blood loves us, the show does not end when the credits role. If you need a few more moments to revel in the joy that is Jessica and Bill’s amazing father-daughter relationship, check out the video uploaded last week, which takes place right after Hoyt visited the house:

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Quotes of the Night

“Well it helps when your ex-husband comes to you in a death vision and tells you to.” – Arlene on how to move on.

“I’m over a thousand years old, Bill. If I had an aptitude for marriage counseling, you’d think I would have figured that out by now.” – Eric to Bill on being tasked with talking to Sookie.

“What makes you think that there’s any world where I’d want to have sex with you tonight?” – Bridget to Jason.

Sarah's situation has not improved. Photo courtesy of

Sarah’s situation has not improved. Photo courtesy of

“El gag-o. I need to remove-o.” – Pam trying to communicate to the Yakuza.

“Yeah. Whorehouse they understand, of course.” – Pam, when she finds a word that transcends languages.

“You know, you play your cards right, you just might become the highest paid trollop in history.” – Pam to Sarah about her future as the cure.

“The worlds going to hell, but Cindy Crawford and her French doctor still want to sell us skincare products. It’s weird.” – Jason about infomercials.


“I like pink.” – A secret Jason has never told anyone before.

“So if you’re feeling a little jilted that you weren’t the first person I came running to when I got cured, I apologize. And I would like to make it up to you by fucking you. Did you not hear me, Ginger? You and I are finally going to fuck.” – A pissed off Eric gives Ginger everything she ever wanted.