The Originals Season 2.07 Review — Human Sacrifices

The Originals Season 2.07 Review

Written by Carina Adly Mackenzie & Christopher Hollier

Original airdate 11/17/2014.

I think I have experienced the Originals equivalent of a sugar crash. Last week, I had fun playing with the abundance of absurd soap opera tropes that popped up in episode 2.06. Writing my review, I was giddy to the point of a metaphorical high, the kid in the candy store who went a little crazy marrying two of her television loves as I did. Tonight, the Originals reminded me it’s serious business and I am left sobered, shocked and thoroughly exhausted by the emotional gamut this episode required me to run.

 Monster vs. Hero

Ever since we met Klaus way back when on the Vampire Diaries, he has been driven by his daddy issues. I’m one of the first to admit he can get a little whiny with the whole, “Woe is me. Why doesn’t Mikael love me?” thing. But, hey, it’s part of his character’s DNA (as is being hot and painting pictures of ponies). Last week, we saw him finally get what he wants — a daddy who likes him! Klaus surely had visions of Dad taking him to a Pelicans game and teaching him how to play fetch … I mean, catch. But, like all things too good to be true, his dream was dampened by the realization embracing his father could cost him his daughter.

We’ve seen growth in Klaus. As recently as a few episodes ago, we saw him allowing his assortment of supernatural buddies to support him in his battle against Mikael, which is major character development for him. Tonight, we witnessed Klaus being truly selfless and taking a huge step towards being the hero he wants to be for Hope.

Encountering his father while hunting in the bayou for a plant he believed would break Esther’s spell and awaken Elijah, Klaus quickly learns his father knows Hope is alive. His father is adamant he understands why Klaus did what he did and wants to help, but all Klaus sees is a potential weakness for Esther to exploit. He slaughters his stunned father, thereby sacrificing his greatest want (paternal approval) for his daughter’s needs. When the Originals ends its run (hopefully many, many seasons from now), we will look back on this moment as the one that defined Klaus’ evolution from monster to hero.

The Cami Caper: The Sequel

Do you remember when the Fast and Furious went from being about street racing to being about stealing and smuggling cars? Like, seriously…every single one since Vin Diesel came back. Not that I’m complaining because, you know, hot guys, hot cars, hot action sequences. It’s not exactly torture. But, I fear the Originals may be going down the same path with Cami. I get that she’s useless and they’re trying to give her some purpose, but Nikita she ain’t, okay?

For two weeks now, Cami has been used as the cheese in a Finn mousetrap. On paper, it makes sense. Esther used Finn to target Cami to target Klaus, turnabout is fair play. Except, that takes us back to the Cami being useless thing. I admire that she wants to be proactive, but she isn’t a vampire. She isn’t a werewolf. She isn’t a witch. She is just a human, a human who is utterly defenseless when these harebrained schemes catch up with her (as they did when Esther came calling at the end of this episode).

Cami is brave. Cami is strong. Cami can turn the world on with her smile. Okay, but she’s not Buffy. Her mark is a dummy. She’s not going to be so lucky in the future. If you’re going to go this route with her, have her spend time sparring with Hayley. Have Marcel teach her how to get her heartbeat under control so she doesn’t slip up when dealing with a non-dummy. Cami can be the badass leader of the humans in the quarter, but she’s going to need to learn how first. No more special snowflake stuff, show!

Final Thoughts

Young love. *sigh* I can’t help but like Kol and Davina. I know he’s shady and she deserves better, but he’s just so charming. Unlike Cami, Davina can hold her own. She’s got instincts and power to back them up, so maybe that’s why I don’t mind so much that she is equally angry at him for being so shady and attracted to his mysteriousness. This is the stuff like 90% of young adult novels are written about (“he’s a jerk but I love him!”), right? Also, I’m loving Marcel’s fatherly response. Davina so needs that.

Final Grade: B+